Sharpening Iron

21 of Highlands finest including 2 FNG’s laced them up to sharpen some iron!

Warm Up:

Mosey down parkway to lower parking lot with Stoli Skips, side steps and backwards jog.

Circle Up

20 x SSH

15 x Imperial Squat Walkers

15 x  Windmill

The Thang:

Split into (2) groups.

Group 1 line up at the end of the middle parking lot. Group 2 line up at top parking.

Each group do GBS and Groucho Walk for half of the length. Then bear crawl and crab walk the other half. Run to end of other groups lot and repeat.

Mosey backwards jog to bus parking lot. Audible (20) merkins in cadence along the way.

Remain in two groups

4 rounds

group 1 Mini Murph

10 x Pull Ups

20 x Push Ups

30 x Squats

Group 2

run 200 M lap

20 dips on guard rail

30 x single leg squat.

Ran out of time..

Mosey to parking lot….



Great job out there today men. Alway a pleasure to lead you. If you are getting tired of my work outs as Gump made clear today please step up and Q a bootcamp. Look forward to see some virgins Q’s sign up. Please reach out to me( if you have any questions on how to sign up.

Looking forward to Alcatraz virgin Q next Tuesday. Lets make sure we give him a good showing.  The next available Open Bootcamp is 2-7.

Unfortunatly, I had to see the Doc about my knee this afternoon. Looks like I tore my ACL over the weekend 🙁 ( stupid)  Good news is  Doc said I can still workout until I go under the knife, just to avoid anything that causes pain… umm OK. See you men at a Skipper led speed tomorrow AM. Ahoy!

Enjoy your night men!



2 thoughts on “Sharpening Iron

  1. Gump

    Great Workout this AM @google sorry to hear about your ACL… what in blue blazes are you thinking that your going to run on it.. your a nut!

    Great to have the 2 FNG’s out there, it keeps us coming back.

    @Pax if you wait until your ready to Q you will never get around to it. Sign up and get it over with. Yes @Glock that means you!

  2. Bling

    Well lead Google!
    @boostrap – good to see you in the gloom again!
    @Pinto – great first workout, it was a tough one!

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