2nd Worst Burger Ever

Eight Pax enjoyed some beer and each other’s company at Flanagan’s Irish Pub and Grill for the first @F3Harrisburg HDHH of the year.

Great timing: YHC, Titleist and Solo Cup converge on the sidewalk at the front door right at 1900, walk inside to see the great table is occupied, so settle for a high top table.

Conversation ensues:

  • Black and Tans, Guinness, Highland Gaelic. . . ?
  • The Warrior anniversary.
  • Can’t decide what I want to eat. You’re not a very decisive person are you? I know what I want, but they don’t have it.
  • Sandals (newest ridge pax, formerly of the Armory) just happens to be there with his kids, stops by to chat. Welcome.
  • Gamma texts in from FL.  Will see Titleist and Swami Friday.  EH is a partial success, one HC.
  • Pax have babies on the way.
  • Babies don’t come from eating too much.
  • Klump has twins . . . so does waitress, Crystal. Picture sharing.
  • Blah, Blah, Blah.
  • I’m already 40 in Japan! Thanks Facebook friend.
  • Triumph over personal struggles.
  • Not that many NC natives around.  Where do you get your accent?
  • Tobacco free restaurants and bars.
  • Taking tours of cigarette factories as a kid.
  • This is the second worst burger I’ve ever had. Fries are good, though.
  • Yada, Yada, Yada.
  • Armed Forces physical fitness tests.
  • Three Monkeys has better food but it’s too loud. Flanagan’s has better ambiance, but food’s not great.  Let’s try somewhere different next time.
  • Should have done a 2nd F to see American Sniper.
  • Klump’s ready to Q. HC.
  • Talk about running: couch to 5k, speedway vs Mallard Creek Greenway.
  • Much more


Great 2nd F.  Thanks for celebrating the last few hours of my 30s with me.  Looking forward to next month’s HDHH.



2 thoughts on “2nd Worst Burger Ever

  1. SoloCup

    Excellent synopsis…
    1. We need to the the Physical Fitness tests that the Highland PAX are doing. I am willing to coordinate if anyone is interested
    2. Klump and I are co-Qing. He’ll be doing more than he thinks

    Happy Birthday bud…glad I’m not OLD yet

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