Mosey tour of the walkable neighborhood

First things first… who’s gonna step up as Master Q for the Highlands Cruise? Don’t avert your eyes when you get the #hardlook. Yeah, I’m looking at you. @Colonel_Mustard is expecting your Twitter DM this afternoon. Aye.

So the 11 faithful trickle in (someone sneak into @Stoli’s abode and set the clocks back 3 minutes) to debate this morning’s route. 201 Central route is always reliable but if you don’t know it and get separated from the PAX who do, your easy mosey can approach a half mary. Out and back? Aye! Let’s check out the “walkable neighborhood” that we’ve been promised by city planners and Patrick Cannon (we can trust him, right?) Start running like you just received a brick in a bag from a shady developer… kinda like this:

The Thang
Out the manicured rabbit hole and left on HCP to the front entrance
Right on Ridge and left into the apartment complex to the first traffic circle
Options here: arrive and head back, go around one block or run the entire perimeter
Two groups emerge:
– one group opts for the one block option and heads back through some crazy walking path route (3.5 miles total)
– the other group runs the perimeter and then up around/through the apartment complex before heading back (5.5 miles total)


– HDHH tonight at Pippa’s anytime after 8pm; post to get your 2nd F badge
– That is all

The pedestrian moleskin (yes, that’s intended as a double entendre)
– Strong shout out by @OldSchool to take us out. Thanks brother. You’re becoming quite a regular in the gloom. Keep it up.
– Think you’re not a runner? Like your parents told you… you can become anything you want to be. @RedRyder, @S&R and @OldSchool are testaments to that. They’re all well on their way. You should join them. 0530 on Wednesdays. You won’t regret it.
– Loved seeing/experiencing the 2nd F out there all around. Enjoyed getting to know @Hogan a bit better.
– Looked at the sundial on my wrist with 1.5 miles to go and realized we’d run over time, but thanks to a strong pace from there, it was several minutes less than I thought it was going to be. Great work by all.
– @Frodo? Frodo? Frodo?

3 thoughts on “Mosey tour of the walkable neighborhood

  1. Stoli

    My legs are still burning from Chowder’s El Dorado workout on Monday. Today’s Cruise was a cool new route, but seemed neverending. Chavez and Gordo kept the 2nd F going to get me through.

    I also woke up at 5:20 and had no intention of moving. However, as always, I knew I would have no regrets if I went. And of course I didn’t. Good stuff men.

  2. The Nanny

    @Chowder Glad you steered us away from the tried and true 201 loop towards the netherlands of the Highlands. Not sure if it was the solid 2nd F or the new route, but those 5.5 miles felt like 2.5 miles. Another reason to post to the Cruise. It hurts WAYYYYY less than the Sad Clown Saunter.

    @Iron Hide Enjoyed chatting with you during the run and on the ride to your house. Glad you are a regular in this group.

    @Old School Ditto to @Chowder’s comments. You are a 2015 “regular.” Only 300+ days to keep the streak going.

  3. OldSchool

    Been having fun. It was never my intention to wane as much as I did in Q4 of 2014. Disclaimer: I will be out the first two weeks of February. Just sayin before Gump puts out an apb;)

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