NoMas comes to Rolling Stone

12 Stoners showed up (actually we started with 9 and ended with 12) to see what Pox had in store.  It went something like this:

Disclaimer (Pox’s best attempt without LawDawg’s approval)

Walking Warm-up: Toy soldier (Same arm same leg, same are opposite leg), lunge stretch, inchworm merkins

Mosey to elementry school (butt kickers, high knees, stoli skips, mosey)

COP (IC): SSHx15, Windmillsx10, 8count body buildersx10

NoMas Workout: partner-up, rising ladder exercise, each exercise is done individually with partner resting, each exercise is done down and back across basketball court (~15yrds), so the sequence is 1-1, 2-2-1-1, 3-3-2-2-1-1, … 9-9-8-8-7-7-6-6-5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1

1. Run
2. Laterals (keep butt low)
3. Backwards Run
4. Karaoke
5. Frogger (jump squats)
6. Slalom (two foot 45 degree top)
7. Bear Crawl
8. Burpee Broad Jump
9. Power Skip

Finish up with LBCx50(IC)

Mosey back to Harris Rd., Plank jacksx15, 8count body buildersx4 (kind-of)

The moleskin:

1. Great to have double digits this am, Law Dawg would be proud, welcome to our FNGs

2. I’ve done the NoMas before at Highland, we couldn’t finish with 20 yrds., 15yrds made it doable this time around

3. The frogger is the key to the workout, if you do a true squat it will destroy your legs, good work Pax and thanks for tolerating my ranting on good form

4. Ithink the Pax thought I was joking when we had 30 seconds left before 615 because only about 8 of the Pax did the bodybuilders – #worktilltheend@PoxBeatdown


7 thoughts on “NoMas comes to Rolling Stone

  1. Buckwheat

    I definitely thought you were joking about the man makers at the end! Nice twist to Mary after a rough one…. Agree that the froggers were CRUCIAL if you did em right. Legs are hurtin’ already!

  2. Kato

    Man….I hate I missed that. Actually, I don’t but I still kind of do. I wanted to be there, but am relieved I wasn’t.

    The best recovery from a tough workout is a nice easy run. It get the blood flowing and keeps everything loose. Great news! We’ve got one scheduled for tomorrow @ 5:30.

    1. Pox Post author

      Typical Gump mumblechatter seemed to dissipate after second round of froggers and was replaced by lots of huffing and puffing – music to this Q’s ears!

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