There will be running…

Be ready at 0510 because at 0515, here’s what’s going down…

Run the Mantrip Mile to 9628 Poplar Lane. Upon arrival:
– 40 Air Squats
– 3x up and down StH with:
– 10 Diamond Mericans at the top of the 1st trip
– 15 Larry Craigs at the top of the 2nd trip
– 20 Mericans at the top of the 3rd trip
– Cross the bottom of the deck
– 40 Air Squats
– 3x up and down the Mine Shaft with:
– 10 full Heels to Heaven (toes ground to sky) at the top of the 1st trip
– 15 LBC at the top of the 2nd trip
– 20 Pretzel Crunch (10 per side) at the top of the 3rd trip
– 10 One-Legged Burpees at bottom of ramps
– Run up ramps to the top
– 10 One-Legged Burpees (other leg) at the top of the ramps
– Run ramps back down
– Rinse and repeat until 0605
AYG back to the salsa station; First back to the flag with the most laps stands atop the virtual podium until February.

3 thoughts on “There will be running…

  1. Stoli

    Brutal, Chowder. Absolutely brutal. Thanks, brother.

    Frodo blew the field away. Great effort. Nanny, thanks for pushing me almost to the point of gagging. Almost.

  2. The Nanny

    @Chowder. Killing our legs before climbing StH and then again before climbing the Mineshaft…three times each? Ouch. This morning required an effort that made me a little queasy. Well constructed.

    @Frodo. You put on a show this morning. Are you taking Col Mustards happy exercise pills? After making up some ground on the first set up StH I never pulled on you again. Hate.

    @Stoli. Right back at you. You were the carrot that kept my effort level up this morning. Good thing you didn’t tell me you were close to gagville – I just might have taken myself there to see that again. Been too long.

    @Skipper @Minnow. You guys finished STRONG. Good thing we “only” went an hour or you would have caught me for sure. Impressive. The pincers of you two behind and @Stoli in front made me to way harder than I wanted to. Fe on Fe.

    @Cupid. Great to have you back out with us. I always forget you are a #respect b/c a) you don’t look it and 2) you put in a strong performance every time.

  3. Skipper

    @Chowder – Well constructed #ElDorado! I was getting close to #Merlotville also, it’s definitely the burpees (one-legged mind you) and then immediate running.

    @TheNanny – I wanted to catch you, but I couldn’t today. #couldntreeluin

    @SSMinnow – I didn’t want you to catch me, but you did. I was spent for that last trip up the ramps. I guess I’m feeling my age. You’re still a #hate right?! #respect

    @Kato – Great to see you back out in the gloom. U picked an interesting place to test your groin. #gobigorgohome

    @Frodo – As @Google would say #fu #hate

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