Cujo Territory

Eight PAX showed up to experience some new additions to the AO…


  • Mosey to backside of ASEC parking lot for COP
  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Mt. Climbers
  • 10 Merkins single count


  • Mosey across road to shopping center to the fitness center for 40 supine pull-ups in cadence… Q should have called OYO (big mistake)
  • Mosey to wig shop, went up to 2nd level for some bear crawls about 60 yards
  • Mosey behind tire place for a 10-to-1 ladder of dips and merkins… this time Q wised up and called OYO
  • Mosey to Calvary Lutheran Church via back way to parking lot thru neighborhood (monster hill climb)
  • Bunch of LBCs – Q lost count
  • 20 Hello Dollys
  • 10 Plank-ups
  • Mosey down to huge hill in front of the church
  • Run to top of hill, do 5 downhill merkins
  • Repeato x 4, reducing merkins by 1 each time
  • Mosey to straight-away across Branchview from church, partner up
  • Partner 1 runs backward toward Exxon while Partner 2 does 4 burpees and sprints to catch Partner 1… once caught up, switch and repeat for entire length of straight-away
  • Snoop audible: run back down straight-away, stopping at each light pole for hand release merkins (10 merks at first pole, then 8, then 6, all the way to 2)
  • Circle up at end of straight-away for Mary


  • Each PAX called an audible for Mary… the exact routine escapes your Q and admin.  We recall the following:
    • Brazilians
    • Alternating scissor kicks w/ hold


  • Good turnout for 6am start
  • Q took quite a ribbing for his cadence, it was unique
  • Good to see Snoop come up from Metro to support me, ‘preciate that Snoop
  • Indy had to cut out early for conference in Charlotte, hate he missed the hill work at Calvary church
  • I think we should call the hill Golgotha Hill – one of the definitions for Golgotha is place of suffering or sacrifice plus its another name for Calvary which is the name of the church
  • Apologies to Bronx Bomber who missed the workout due to time change, just as Indy had predicted on Thursday.  Also let’s all keep the Bomber and his family in our thoughts and prayers as his wife undergoes surgery on Monday
  • It was an honor to lead such a great group of men today, great job everyone!  See you in the gloom.

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