Rising Temps

The Pax were 7 strong for this morning’s Speed workout.

The Thang:

Mosey to bus lot for COP.

COP – SSH x 16 and various stretches

Cone drills:

multiple variations in a one v one setup. repeat each variation 3 x

Mosey to the faded 200MM “track” on the bus lot. Partner up. Partner 1 mosey in the opposite direction as partner 2 sprints until the partners meet. then switch paces until you meet again. repeato x 10

Two more cone drills

Conclude with an altered suicide, starting on the near endline of the first basketball half-court, sprint to far endline of court 1, backward run back to near endline, forward sprint to far endline on second court, backward run to near endline on second court, so on and so on until finished on the the fourth court far endline. repeato.

The Moleskin:

1. The car said 36 degress this morning but that didn’t stop Google from putting on a gun show, The Nanny and forearm show, and Flyby a calf/quad show in the middle of the workout. Everyone was steaming during COT.

2. Next time we need to try the opposite direction mosey/sprint on the real track!

3. Must be nice to be 24 and athletic.

4. Thanks for showing and keeping it competitive!

Have a great day and weekend.


4 thoughts on “Rising Temps

  1. Google

    @Stoli…Thanks for the lead this AM. Been a while since I posted to speed and I felt it, the frozen fog made it hard to catch my breath!

    @Flyby #shotoutofacannon …Nice to get a little F2 in with you this AM!

  2. The Nanny

    @Stoli Another quality Speed lead. Thanks for putting that together for us. I agree, the full track version of the “partner catch-ups” would make for a KILLER beatdown. I am scared of that one already.

  3. The Nanny

    Oh…and it was awesome to have @Charmin out there. Our winter Speed crew tends to be small – glad you added to it today.

  4. Stoli Post author

    Starfish and the Pax in Winston-Salem call the opposite track run “Collison Course”. I like that.

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