Recycled WIB for a Q off the IR

The Thang:

Today’s Q has been AWOL for the better part of a month due to injury….First workout back, in horrible shape, and signed up to Q. What to do? Recycle a WIB:

Today, 9 PAX had another go at the Horshoe. It was a WIB done OYO as a race against yourself (or the guy in front of you.) 10 laps around the track sandwiched with a ladder of exercises. Once done, total workout was roughly 2.5- 3 miles running and 100 reps of each exercise (200 of mason twists) for those that finished.


  • SSH X 40
  • Windmills X 20
  • Stormtroopers X 20
  • Mosey to the track:
  • Lap 1
  • MericansX20
  • Lap 2
  • MericansX20, Jump SquatsX20
  • Lap 3
  • MericansX20, Jump SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20
  • Lap 4
  • MericansX20, Jump SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, Mason TwistsX40
  • Lap 5
  • MericansX20, Jump SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, Mason TwistsX40, LungesX20
  • Lap 6
  • Jump SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, Mason TwistsX40, LungesX20
  • Lap 7
  • Scorpion Dry DocsX20, Mason TwistsX40, LungesX20
  • Lap 8
  • Mason TwistsX40, LungesX20
  • Lap 9
  • LungesX20
  • Lap 10

Random Awkward Stretching

The Moleskin:

  1. Thanks to everyone for keeping up with me an encouraging me while I was on the IR.
  2. Welcome FNG John! It was great to have you out with us this morning and we’ll look for you next week.
  3. Great to have Bling and J-Lo (sp?) out this morning. You guys are welcome back anytime….perhaps even to Q?
  4. LawDawg’s out next week on a Disney Cruise but I think we all heard him HC to run the 5k at their first port.
  5. T-claps to Egg Plant for posting after a late flight in.

7 thoughts on “Recycled WIB for a Q off the IR

  1. LawDawg

    @Kato, a great Q. I’m not sure I remember doing this workout before, but I liked it. Good mix of running and other stuff. Great way for “non-runners” to get it moving.

    Thanks to @Bling and @J-Lo for dropping by and for @Bling for being my own personal delivery service.

    @Mattress King crushes it as always. I anticipate a fight over his place on a mud-run team…

  2. Kato Post author

    Great seeing everyone out this morning. I’ve missed you guys in my time away and am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. I hate cold weather and early mornings. I also hate feeling like I’m going to puke when I workout. You guys are the reason I drug myself out of bed this morning. Now we’ve got to find Pox, Uggs, Peanut Butter, Whatley, Barney Rubble, Sugar, Schnitzel, and Quittage.

  3. WaterBoy

    Kato great to have you back.
    Great to have an fng as well. Mattresses king is crushing it in workouts and eh’s. Great to have j-loo and bling as well.

    Lawdawg have a great cruise. I am sure. You will miss the rolling stone satisfaction cruise next week on the balmy conditions. 🙂

  4. Colonel Mustard

    Welcome back @Kato. Hopefully we can keep you healthy. That @MattressKing guy is going to give someone a run for their money…

  5. Schnitzel

    @kato, sorry to miss, I could have joined you in the Merlot spillage. Believe it or not, I was running to car, with Quidich right behind, at 5:18am, only to find a coat of ice on windshield too thick for wipers – and scraper long ago misplaced. Fallout from working at home. Anyway, got cobwebs out from early morning rise and plan full dose next week. (Youngest 2.0 scheduled for surgery week after next at Univ Hospital in Chapel Hill to remove elusive cyst remnants. He’s doing fine.)

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