Draco The Dragon!

9 Stoner showed up this morning and after I gave them their “gifts” they were 9 confused stoners!

i wish I could tell you how I incorporated Draco the Dragon into the workout, but I didn’t…….however…….next time I will!!

The Thang

Partner up, grab 2 jugs per team.

Rules; jugs do not touch the ground.  To pass jugs to partner do 10 shoulder presses, other partner does 10 merkins.  Rule applies for whole workout.

mosey to the elementary school

Circle up for a couple warm ups

First set;

  1. Partner 1 does curls
  2. P. 2 runs
  3. flapjack
  4. P. 1 does lateral raise
  5. P.2 runs
  6. P. 1 does shoulder press
  1. P. 2 runs
  2. repeato
  3. each partner does each exercise.  Exchange rule applies

Mosey to school building

  1. P. 1 does people’s chair with shoulder press
  2. P. 2 balls to the wall
  3. repeato
  4. exchange rule applies

Mosey to front of building

  1. 20 dips
  2. 20 shoulder press
  3. 12 partner merkins on bike rack
  4. repeato x 3
  5. exchange rule applies

Long shoulder burning workout back to parking lot

a whole lot of Mary led by various pax

The Firey Moleskin;

  1. thank you for allowing me to lead today!  Always an honor!
  2. Great AO!  But an even greater group of men!
  3. Remeber to check out other workouts in MECA, there is a lot going on and it is all FREE!

4 thoughts on “Draco The Dragon!

  1. LawDawg

    @Dingo, thanks for bringing the pain this am.

    @Dutch, thanks for tagging along/coming by, always good to see you.

    @Uggs, great partnering with you.

    Anyone else have sore shoulders?

  2. Dutch

    good jugs o pain Dingo – worth the drive to get a solid beatdown with some great F3 brothers.
    Best AO around- use it well!

  3. WaterBoy

    Solid beat down @dingo. Thanks for being my partner @watley. @the fed great job and keep it up. Keep posting and pushing yourself.
    And yes my shoulders are killing me.

  4. WaterBoy

    by the way @watley, @stretchy, and several others Q spots rare open……just saying….

    @schnitzel missing you brother. Hope all is well.
    anybody heard from @BarneyRubble, @meltdown, @sugar?

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