Sneaky Puddles

It was wet and cold, but that didn’t skeer 7 of MECA’s finest from sharing in some 3 Fs at #El Dorado.

The Thang:

Exit car at 0530 (we were all sitting in our respective warm, dry vehicles waiting for the bell)

Run to parking deck where instructions were given.  It went something like this:

Ground Floor – Burpee x 10

Reverse Spiderman Merican up Stairway to Heaven (STH) to 2nd floor.

2nd Floor – Jump Squats x 40

Crawl Bear up STH to 3rd floor.

3rd Floor – LBC x 40

Run up STH two steps at a time to 4th floor.

4th Floor – Apollo Ohno x 40

High knees up STH to 5th floor.

5th Floor – Flutter Kicks x 40 (in cadence)

Walking Lunges across 5th floor deck to Mine Shaft; Run down MS and back across Ground floor to REPEATO the circuit.

The Wet Moleskin:

1. Have you heard?  @Chowder is writing a new kids’ book titled, “Sneaky Puddles”.  He found many today on our run to/from parking deck and he’d like to share with you.

2. What do you guys think was on the mind of the UNCC student who was waiting on the stairs for us to finish the Reverse Spiderman Merkins? #WTHoldguys?

3. As @TheNanny astutely commented, “this seems like a birthday party planning workout?”  True dat, if you weren’t aware there is no more 39er for YHC. #oldmanstrong

4. @Google’s butt toning exercises are making their way around F3.  May be time to hire @LawDawg for some Trade Mark help. The Dawg is a “lawyer”. #helovesitwhenidothat

5. Great 2nd F today as we stayed in a group throughout the workout, and I know a few of us needed the encouragement today. #caseofthemondays

6. I brought out the sidewalk chalk that I stole from @Stoli’s kids to mark our exercises…@Stoli, @Stoli… #fartsacksarewarm

7. Another shout out is in order for @Magma who “favorited” my pre-blast tweet but didn’t quite make it to the gloom. #howsthatCol?

8. @MECA Pax – Announcement: The cold rain is here for the week. Don’t hide. Embrace it!



9 thoughts on “Sneaky Puddles

    1. LawDawg

      Dude, you need to pace yourself with the witticisms and call-outs in the backblasts. Today’s bb was awesome, but I don’t see how you can keep it up all week!

      As to the workout, thanks for keeping the slow guy around with the rest of the pax, it would have been lonely in the back if you guys had gone your normal speeds.

      I did not want to get out of bed this morning, but looking forward to the 2ndF got me going. After the first minute or two the weather didn’t even matter.

  1. The Nanny

    @Skipper Ditto on the need for some 2nd F today. Doing that together in cadence was perfect. The 3 rounds of reverse spidey and bear crawls were not perfect. They sucked big time. so did 80 low flutters.

    @Chowder I’m with you man – those dang bears are going to chase us running forwards – why all this reverse bear crawl scenario planning?

    @LawDawg Same as you bro – did not want to get out of bed this AM when I heard that heavy rain falling. I thought for sure i’d show up to maybe one other guy posting. Ha! Also…follow me to the AO next time – I have done plenty of route analysis and can guarantee you my way is the fastest way there right now! Minimize left turns at long lights!!

  2. Chowder

    I’m with you guys on the 2nd F being the driver in the gloomy downpour today. As I sat in my car at 0510, I was concerned that I might be sadclowning it today. But sure enough, the headlights started to emerge from the darkness like fireflies on a warm July evening. Of course, then I get out of the car and realize its absolutely nothing like a warm July evening. Good work today fellas. Definitely needed the support, accountability and 2nd F on a day like today. The shoulders are most certainly feeling it. We may not see @Frodo for a week…

    BTW @YoungOldMan, I get no # on my Moleskin item? Everybody else got one… #hashtagenvy #whiner #happybirthday

  3. Colonel Mustard

    @Skipper – Happy B-day Brother! Not sure I want to post to another one of your workouts this week, I think there will be a theme of “40” at each.

    @Stoli or @Magma….um did you guys texted each other this morning and say it’s a no go? Last night you two were all about it with Stoli driving. #Accountability

    That had to be the slowest #ElDorado ever but I sure did sweat with all that reverse exercising. 2ndF has much needed this morning.

      1. LawDawg

        Boy, Stoli’s ears must have been burning to jump on here and be so quick to respond. #Thatmanisfast

      2. Frodo

        Whoa whoa whoa! You’re using Col-Frodo carpool and 2nd F as a reason not to post? That’s weak! #notAnApprovedReason

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