Harrisburg Grinder, Part 1

20 posted at Harrisburg Park to find out what this Grinder thing was all about.

SSH x15
Slooooow Merkins on my call 6x (the late-comer had to at least do 1)

Grab the shovel flag, single-file Indian Run to the library (flag always up front), around the island, then back down to the middle of the soccer field, replant the flag and circle up.

SSH x15
Air Squats x10
Imperial Storm Troopers x10
Invisible Jump Rope while the Grinder is explained and pax gets into 3 (or 4) man teams.

The Thang
2 from each team start on one side of the field, 1 on the other. An exercise is done on each side, with 1 man running from one side to the other and taking over that exercise, then that man runs back to the other side and takes over that exercise, etc, so each person is always either running, or doing one of two exercises. Each round lasted 5 minutes. The exercises were:

Jump Squats/Merkins
Mountain Climbers/Plank
Burpees/Reverse Crunches
Alternating Lunges/Merkins
Air Presses/LBCs
Audible: one more round with nothing but sprints, 3x across for each team member

Circle back up around the flag, plank until everyone is there, then 5 more slow Merkins on my count.

Grab the flag, and single file run (of the non-Indian kind) up the side drive then back to the cars for Mary.

The W x25
Low Flutter x25
Low Dolly x25 (Bull)
Crunchy Frog x15 (Klump, as Solo Cup’s delegate)
Monkey Humpers x15 (Casper)
The Pickle Pounder x11 (cut short when the mumblechatter devolved to the point no one could focus)

COT (Padre takes us out)

21 Degree Moleskin
1. Great numbers for a cold morning, including the 8 posting an hour early for the Bull Run.
2. I believe we got close to 3 miles during the workout itself – very strong work by all.
3. A couple lessons learned for me. First, never let Bull grab the flag and lead the run…I had to ask him to circle back and pick up the six just to get a new pace car! Second, never say something dumb, like “single leg lunges” around Padre. He’ll make you pay.
4. Although I didn’t respond much better when asked if we were going around the circle during the last set of Merkins. “No. You’ll know if we’re going around the circle, because I’ll say ‘we’re going around the circle.'” Sorry, Deuce!
5. Ok, who would have ever expected Casper to break out the Monkey Humpers? Although, between that and the fact that our Camera Creepers didn’t post today, it was the perfect opportunity to introduce the Pickle Pounder. You can thank Solo Cup for us stopping at 11…I believe his comment started the downhill slide.
6. As always, great time at coffeeteria. Good to see 2/3rds of our IR pax out – technically not #TheFullStarsky because of injuries, but still pretty close.
7. Lastly, keep Padre (and his family) in your prayers for his upcoming trip to spread the Word and help those in need.

Pax tibi,

3 thoughts on “Harrisburg Grinder, Part 1

  1. Gamma Post author

    Thanks for playing along this morning.

    Tclaps to the Bull Runners (Bull, BBQ, SSMinnow, Riptide, Solo Cup, Banjo Boy, Padre, YHC). @Bull – thanks for hanging back and dragging me around.

    @Bull, @Padre & @Klump – great teaming up with you guys.

    @Ticonderoga – glad I wasn’t the only knucklehead in shorts. Solidarity!

    1. Bull2

      @Gamma- nice run this morning. Way to push through and finish strong. Even better lead…way to keep us moving.

  2. Deuce

    @Gamma, no hard feelings. It was a fun one.

    Enjoyed the sprinting contests with @Othello and @Ribshack.

    @Sundial, thanks for listening to my rambling . . . hey where did he go?

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