Thought it was supposed to be cold today……

12 men for a 11 degree workout.

The Thang:

Quick warmup.  15 side straddle hops

20 merkins

Mosey behind Ridge road for a half pipe workout

Run up each hill 5 times and touch the fence. Doing 10 plyometric merkins on way and 20 squats the other.

Mosey to field.  Break into groups.  1 set of bear crawls while other does 20 step ups on bleachers.  Flap jack times 2.

Get on the field for sprints.  Pair up.

Run to bleachers, 2nd set of bleachers or benches. Whatever worked for you.  While other person rested.  Flap Jack times 4 sets.

Touchdown run.  4 sets

Mosey to front of school.  Two groups go to max.

Box jump and Calf Raises.  times 2

Partner bike rack merkins times 2

Partner bike rack dips times 2.

Lunges to Mary.

1 set of Ronda Rousey

1 minute of LBC


Have to love it when we are have more people than degrees.  Not sure I have seen that before.  Well done.

The original plan was based on us having over 20 people in attendance.  Was going to split up in 5 groups for a choose your own adventure workout.  We started with 11 so it was audible time.  Will save it for next time.

@Nanny – Great line about looking the person in the eye during the dips. That rule holds true for the Ronda Rousey’s as well.

@ Iguana – Could instantly tell that you have trained in something during the RR.  Wrestling?  BJJ?  Do tell.

5 thoughts on “Thought it was supposed to be cold today……

  1. Charmin Post author

    @Pax – If someone would have told me 3 years ago I would be getting up to workout in 11 degree weather to workout at 5:30am I would have thought they were insane. I actually walked outside today and said to myself “not as cold as I thought it would be….”

    Thank you to all for the motivation and support.

    1. Gordo

      Impressive numbers for a good FS’ing candidate morning. Good job everyone for having the fortitude to get out there!

  2. Grinder

    More PAX than degrees… love it! Having @Iguana (BJJ trained by the way) as my partner, I can only imagine how goofy I must have looked to him while I attempted the RRs. Good Q @Charmin, definitely kept the blood moving and body warm.

    1. Charmin Post author

      @Iguana – We have to get you on the Q list. Would love to go through some BJJ workouts.

  3. RedRyder

    Well done Charmin… you even kept the #WarDaddy (i.e., me, the old guy) from freezing up. Derby, thanks for spotting me comin’ over the fence. I was pretty sure that I was going to get a face full of gravel without you. Even though I can’t keep up with you athletes, I honestly don’t think I could do anything close to what I am able to do without my F3 bro’s. Thanks for your patience and encouragement. Pressing on toward the prize…

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