Stinky Snakes Strike Several

Doesn’t that title remind you of a 1920’s news article?  Well, that’s what happened today at #RollingStone, an old fashioned beatdown with a few ropes (snakes), a couple kettle bells, and a wall. The stinky part was just a general funk to the ropes (What’s up with that, @BOS?).

It played out like this:

Warmup COP:  SSH x 39er; Windmill x 15; IST x 15; Mountain Climber x 15; Mericans x 15

Mosey to Skipper-mobile to grab 2 ropes and 2 KBs (thanks for KB assist @Pharaoh).

Tether run with ropes and KBs to Elementary school basketball court.

Lay ropes down and proceed with various line jumps, rope jumps, quick feet, etc.

Break up the perfect number of pax (12) into 6 teams and setup 6 stations:

1. Double Wave arm swings with rope 1.

2. Goblet Squat with KB 1.

3. Shoulder Circles with rope 2.

4. KB swing to press with KB 2.

5. People’s Chair

6. Balls to Wall

Partner 1 ran two laps around the basketball courts while Partner 2 completed the given Station exercise. Flap Jack. Rotate stations.

Jailhouse Mericans (1 up to 8 with shoulder press) and then back down to 1 (of course, we were coming back down @Pharaoh).

Pick up toys and run back to parking lot for 4 Minutes of Mary (MOM).

Mary: Mason Twist, Reverse Crunch, Rosalita, Squirm (@LawDawg tribute call for @Pharaoh; @MarieCallender seems to really enjoy the squirm too).

COT (Prayers for @Waterboy’s friend Zane)


1. When trying to think of what to do with the ropes that @BOS loaned me I did a quick web search and found lots of cool stuff to do with “battle ropes”.  #battle #badass

2. It was great meeting some new F3 men at #RollingStone, and catching up with others I’d met during the first week of #RollingStone. The challenge now is keeping it growing (going) during the winter months. #EHresolutionists

3.  Thanks @LawDawg for the opportunity to Q!  #F3leadership

4.  #GodBlessAmerica



6 thoughts on “Stinky Snakes Strike Several

  1. Skipper Post author

    Great group today! Always a pleasure sharing the gloom with @Pox and @Pharaoh.

    Thanks for partnering with me, @Stretch!

  2. Pox

    Thanks for making the trek over to visit the stoners Skipper, great to see one of the grandfathers (can I call you that now that you’re pushing 40) of the MECA region.

    The Kettlebell swing is a called an american swing which differs from the traditional russian swing.

    Great to see 12 Pax on a cold morning, so far we’ve kept our (Law Dawgs) new year’s resolution for double digits everyday bootcamp in 2015! Don’t be scared of the cold on thurdsay

    1. Skipper Post author

      Yes, there is a Rolling Stone Cruise tomorrow! @Waterboy is leading and when I asked him if you had to be a runner to attend? He answered with, “Do I look like a runner?” and then answered himself, “not yet…”

      Like a learned long ago, the only way to get better at something is to practice. Come on out all you “non-runners” and put in a few miles with your F3 brothers.

    2. WaterBoy

      Great to see everyone and great q by @skipper. I liked the use of the other school. Nice change up. I have the q for the cruise tomorrow so come on out. @uggs is in and so is @lawdawg. The cold won’t scare me away tomorrow or Thursday. I Heard @pharoh has the q. Great working out with you men. Thanks for the prayers for Zane and all unspoken. Lastly if you haven’t seen the shovel flag it is awesomeness. Thanks @BOS!

  3. BOS

    That explains why my car doesn’t smell so much like an F3 gym bag this morning!

    If they still smell y’all weren’t swinging them hard enough!

    Need to air them out. Last two outings they got wet and thrown back in the trunk. I will address the funk for future enjoyment.

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