Come get some..

30 of Highlands bravest including (3) FNG’s decided to exit the fartsack lace them up and start 2015 with a Bang!

Q noticed a lot of new faces in the crowd and was feeling friendly and started to ask names, however PAX quickly reminded Q that we do name a rama after the beatdown. Note taken… Lets get some!

Warm Up:

Mosey down Parkway to lower parking lot with Stoli skips, side steps and backward jog

21 x SSH

20 x Imperial Storm Trooper

20 x Windmill

15 x Merkins.

The Thang:

Two Single file lines.  Indian run out back road to hill by the softball fields. Last person does 5 merkins than sprints to the front.

At back hill. 7-1 ladder – Burpee at the top and Sumo Squat at the bottom. Running backward up hill.


Mosey to school wall.


30 sec peoples chair.

10 sec lift left leg

10 sec life right leg

20 Merkins…. Repeato peoples chair followed by 20 CDC.


Mosey backward jog to bus parking lot.


Guard Rail x 20 dips

10 x pulll ups

walking lunge with leg lift across parking lot.

run lap.

Repeato x 3.


Circle up for Mary

20 x Low Flutter

20 x LBC.



As always it is a pleasure to lead you men in the Gloom. It was great to see to see everyone back at it after the Holiday vacation. The PAX was is in good form as #Col Mustard and Gump got it going early with some friendly banter.  Q did a little to much research on how backwards jogging is a great way to build strength and prevent injury. So Q added a lot of backwards jogging. However, do not attempt backwards jogging on black ice. Nice recovery #chultz!

Please give a warm welcome to FNG Elliot Duy – TOOTH FAIRY, FNG  Carlos Rosalino SWAMP THING, FNG Perry Chapman BRINKLEY.

We had a large group out there this AM. Let’s keep this momentum going! Remember… Highland Cruise is tomorrow.  All abilities are welcome and encouraged to post.

Make it a great day men!





3 thoughts on “Come get some..

  1. Charmin

    Solid workout Google. Between all of the lunges on Saturday and today I am really feeling it in the legs. Great way to start the year.

  2. Gump

    I feel like @ColMustard was bullying me.. #JustSay’n . @Google it look like a good #beatdown to me but seeing how I was just #WhiskeyD-ing I can’t really say.

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