New Year, Same #RedPill

21 men (and two shadows) defeated the fartsack and took the #RedPill on the first Saturday of 2015. Here’s how it went:


  • Mosey to football lot
  • SSH x10
  • IST x10
  • Windmill x10
  • Air Squat x10
  • Merkin x10
  • LBC x10
  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • Mosey to concession building & partner up
    • P1 People’s Chair, P2 Sprint down & back
    • P1 Balls 2 Wall, P2 Sprint down & back
  • Mosey to playground & split in 3 groups
    • Three sets of 10 pull-ups, 10 bench dips, 10 merkins, run & touch fence post at top of drive
  • Mosey to triple hill
    • 10-to-1 ladder with merkins at bottom & air squats at top
  • Mosey to end zone & partner up
    • P1 bear crawl while P2 sprints down & back to him. Continue til reaching end.
  • Mosey to turf field
    • Jack Webb 1 to 7
    • Low flutter x10
    • Reverse crunch x10
  • Mosey to pond
    • Webb Jack 7 to 1
    • Low Dolly x10
  • Jail break to shelter
    • Step ups x10
    • Incline merkins x10
    • Dips x10
    • Decline merkins x10
    • Repeato with x7, x5, x3
MARY (led by the pax)
  • Banjo Boy: Freddy Mercury x5
  • Gamma: W x7
  • Othello: Mason Twist x9
  • Segundo: Squirm x?
  • Rib Shack: LBC x?
  • Neon Kicks: Homer to Marge x5
  • BBQ: something x2
  • Riptide: Pretzel x4 each side
  • Solo Cup: Crunchy Frog x15
  • Always an honor to lead, and thanks to the pax for picking up the sequence for me when I couldn’t ever get the step-up/incline merkin/dip/decline merkin order right. The delirium from no sugar, grain, or dairy is setting in early this time. #Paleo
  • Kotters to White Bronco, who absorbed some well-intentioned (and well-deserved?) grief on his triumphant return. Welcome back!
  • Great to see BOS overcoming our bridge blockade and making it to the right side of 29 this morning.
  • #TClaps to the pax who led during Mary, except for Neon Kicks. Because that Homer to Marge was brutal.
  • Great to see Starsky & Hootie joining us for more than just coffee while on IR, and I’m glad there weren’t any little kids on the playground while they were creeping around with the camera. #StrangerDanger
  • 251 days til Blue Ridge Relay. We have 10 hard commits so far, and we’d love to field two teams this year. Everyone from the MECA region is welcome. Comment below!

2 thoughts on “New Year, Same #RedPill

  1. BOS

    Great lead Gapper! That seemed like a long beatdown. Well worth the detour around the bridge. You guys gotta take more than one bridge out to keep us on the other side of 29.

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