Welcome to the FNG, err, I mean shovel flag

BOS brought the FNG (I do not think that word means what BOS thinks it means) of the day… the newly designed and overengineered Rolling Stone shovel flag! After the inaugural shovel plant, 6 Pax headed off into the rainy gloom at 5:30 sharp to endure a little pain, set a few goals for the new year, and give thanks for the current one.

It went a little something like this:

Warmup lap around the parking lot.
SSH x15
Cotton Picker x15
IST x 15
Reverse Lunges x 15

Mosey to the “flower seats” by the front.

Step ups x10 each leg
Incline Merkins x10
Dips x10

Repeato x 3

Peoples chair while setting our goals for the new year.

Mosey to the rock pile to pick out a coupon. (Whatley makes the rest of us look like weaklings)

Overhead press x 10
Curls x 10
Squats x 10
Chest Press x 10

Repeato x 3 (with different rocks for each set)

Sprints x 30-40 yards x 6

Mosey down the the wall for peoples chair with air presses x 3

Back to the upper lot for Mary

Freddy Mecury x 10
Pox has the lead for some gymnast exercise x10, x8, x6, x4, x2 reps
LBC’s x 10



1. A few early complaints about cold and rain, but they vanished quickly once we got going.
2. Thanks for humoring me and sharing goals and gratitude with the Pax. It does a mind good to do both of these.
3. Sign up to Q. Link to signup genius.
4. Jan 1. beatdown is moved to Mallard Creek Park at 7. It will probably take an hour. You should post.
5. Come out to the RS Cruise tomorrow. HRMS at 5:30.
6. Props and many thanks to @BOS for taking his time, $, and talent to build us a shovel flag! It’s almost liek we are official now.
6. Big thanks as always to @Pox for the form tips and injury prevention info!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the FNG, err, I mean shovel flag

  1. BOS

    Enjoyed the beatdown this morning @LawDawg including the mix in of the PAX goals and gratitude. Sorry about my misinterpretation of the FNG. I thought you meant Flag and Gloves…

    Good work going on at Rolling Stone!

      1. WaterBoy

        @pox must be the Orange hat! Enjoyed the beat down @lawdawg. The sprints after the leg workout got to me. @pox thanks for the form tip. Knees feel better. @BOS awesome on the shovel flag. It was inspirational to see it. I rememberthat at my first post and it is really cool to have one for Rolling stone. Just plain awesome. I Know a lot of guys are out of town but @the fed, @sparknut, @smokeless, @peanutbutter, @flipper, @sugar, @stretchy, @meltdown we are missing you guys. @kato hope you are feeling better. Would love to have you off IR. @rolling stone perfect day tomorrow to come cruise with @lawdawg and I. See everyone Thursday at mallard creek park at 7. @lawdawg wave my car down in case I get lost 🙂

  2. Pox

    Composite shovel flag … Boo-yah!

    Hollow body rocks is the name of the exercise

    Great to hear the pax New Years resolutions… Now let’s hold each other accountable… We can all help law dawg double our boot camp. The challenge is o the whole Pax so let’s do it!

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