Can Goats Smell Jugs??

11 men of F3 threw off the fartsack and entered the cold, wet gloom at Tradition this morning!

Many months ago I was introduced to the “Jug-a-lug” at the Muthaship of all places…..This workout is still up there with one of the hardest I have ever done.  Mixing 2 x 1 gallon jugs and a 12 story parking deck = BRUTAL.  I have since led a couple of jug workouts myself, one at Tradition and one at Highlands.  It has been a while since the jugs made an appearance, so I decided to bring them out today.

As I was sitting in my truck, in the parking lot, wondering if anyone other than Magma was going to show…….I saw a truck I did not recognize pull in.  “Must be an FNG” I thought to myself.  I also thought “What a horrible day to post for the first time……rain, cold and jugs…..poor guy”.  Then out of the truck I see a man of F3 legendary status appear.  The man who brought the “jug-a-lug” to the Muthaship!  The man who introduced me to the pain of the jug……..Gnarly Goat.  Oh, he did have an FNG with him(poor guy)

Which brings me back to my original question……..Can Goats Smell Jugs?

The Thang;

Mosey around the Church

SSH x 15

Break up into teams of 2

1 person from each team get 2 water jugs

Water jugs will go everywhere with team

Person with jugs to hold over head

To pass off – 10 shoulder press

To receive – 10 merkins

Mosey to Outback

  • w/jugs = bicep curls
  • w/out jugs = 5 x pull ups
  • flap jack – rule applies

Mosey to Haunted Daycare

  • w/jugs = lateral raise
  • w/out jugs = run down, 3 burpees back to top
  • flap jack – rule applies

Mosey to The Wall

  • W/jugs = peoples chair + shoulder press
  • w/out jugs = balls to the wall
  • flap jack – rule applies

Mosey to church

  • w/jugs = 10 x lat raise, 10 x curls, repeat
  • w/out jugs = run around church
  • flap jack – rule apples

Mosey to picnic tables

  • w/jugs = shoulder press
  • w/out jugs = dips
  • flap jack – rule applies

Put the jugs back

Mosey to parking lot for Mary

  • 32 x The Squirm
  • 10 x LBC
  • 10 x reverse crunch
  • 20 x pretzel crunch
  • 10 x low dolly
  • 10 x low flutter

The Moleskin;

  1. TClapps to all that posted this morning!!
  2. To you fartsackers…..Dont let the cold and wet stop you from posting!  It is over before you know it!
  3. Welcome to #Cole Trickle!  and thank you for your service!
  4. Good work by all today and good luck lifting your arms throughout the day!

7 thoughts on “Can Goats Smell Jugs??

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Great workout dingo. Will definitely feel this one later.

    Good to finally meet you @gnarly goat. Welcome to @cole trickle and thank you for your service.

  2. The Farm

    Wow this sounds crazy! I had completely forgotten about the jugs. I haven’t seen those put to use since this summer.

  3. Gnarly Goat

    I KNEW I picked a good day to roll with Tradition: a) there were jugs b)Funky Bunch used 4 and 5-syllable words in the same workout c) ONJ was there… long time no see for me and the head-banded one d)it’s not often you meet a man called “forgotten jelly”

    Other notes:

    I think Cole Trickle enjoyed the beatdown. A little wetter out there than the arid climes of A’stan he’s been used to.
    Y’all are kings of #mumblechatter
    Nice finish by Raptor on the burpees. Strong.

  4. Skipper

    What a day for @GnarlyGoat to visit #Tradition?! Nice tribute @Dingo. Post workout @GnarlyGoat texted me saying, “Those guys are nuts.” Ahoy!!

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