Bus Lot Pain

11 Pax said “no” to the snugglesack and “yes” to a large, wet, cold slab of asphalt.  Nanny had the helm and it went a little bit like this….

The Thang:

  1. Warm-a-rama:
    1. Bus lot warmup lap
    2. SSH x 30
    3. Merkin x 30
    4. Air Squat x 30
  2. The Main Event: Bus Lot Sprints w/ Pain
    1. Start on school side of bus lot across from playground.  Start with 1 burpee.  Do X + 1 burpee each time we come back.  Together as group, sprint ~40 yds across to other curb to do a Q called painstation.  Plank when done and then group sprint back for X + 1 burpees.
    2. Painstations were:
      1. Merkin
      2. Apollo O’s
      3. CDD
      4. Bear Crawl (crowd pleaser)
      5. Air Squat
      6. Crab walk (crowd pleaser)
      7. Mtn Climber
      8. Dips
      9. Peter Parker
      10. Spiderman Merkins
      11. Reverse lunges
      12. Parker Peter
    3. Reverse spiderman up dual sets of stairs near front of school.
    4. Mary
      1. Crunchy Frog
      2. Mason Twist

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. I have not checked Shazam’s math, but he went to an extremely reputable college that I would highly recommend sending your children to someday (Grove City College) – so I am going to trust this number.  We ended the Bus Lot Sprints at 13 burpees which means we did 81 this morning.  Ouch.
  2. The sprints did a good job keeping the ole ticker in an elevated state while knocking out various elements.
  3. Full disclosure – I got this idea from some Bus Lot Sprints that Pavarotti had us do months ago at a Speed workout.  This morning he remembered that I had said “I like this!  I am going to use it one of these days!”  Today was the day.
  4. COT made the morning for me.  We had the opportunity to lift up two brothers who had prayer needs.  That is when I appreciate this community of men the most.

6 thoughts on “Bus Lot Pain

  1. The Nanny Post author

    Solid morning, men. Thanks for joining me in the gloom. We had bigger numbers than I expected considering the weather.

  2. Shazam

    Oxygen deprivation caused me to drop 10 burpees from the total. We did 91 this morning… My apologies to GCC

  3. Google

    @Nanny.. Thanks for stepping up and filling in for me. Looks like the PAX may not be so thankful!! 😉

  4. Pavarotti

    Great workout, Nanny. I liked the modification of the Speed version. You really cranked it to 11…..or was it 13? I lost track due to the same Shazam oxygen deprivation.

  5. Buckwheat

    Solid beatdown, Nanny. I was hurting throughout and had to skip a few burpees too… Agreed on COT this morning. Moving and much appreciated. Thanks for the prayers!!

    @Gump, sorry your back flared up first thing. Hope it calmed down and you’re able to get back at it soon, brother!

  6. Grinder

    Great beatdown this morning. Definitely struggled with those burpees toward the end. I think today was a perfect example of how rewarding it is to ignore the weather and get out there. You get a solid workout and the opportunity to support your brothers in need. I’m honored to be part of this group.

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