Christmas Eve in the Rain

I went to bed last night thinking do I really need to Q tomorrow morning?  Dingo had signed me up to Q Iron fist on Christmas eve as I hadn’t volunteered recently.  However I strained my calf yesterday running, it hurt and the forecast was 100% chance of rain.  Did I really need to make a workout plan, set the alarm, getdressed and drive to Stonebridge to see that no one was there.  So I went to sleep not knowing how I’d feel in the morning.  When I got up I felt responsibility and begrudgingly got dressed and drove to Stonebridge with my plan to turn around once I saw no one was there.  However up on arriving I noticed 6 cars already there so I said yes – this is F3!!  Suddenly my mood changed to how fortunate I am that I have peer pressure to get out of bed and the health to exercise.  I am fortunate of that this Christmas season. Though four other Pax did the Cruise Forgotten Jelly thoughtfully joined me in an Iron Fist beatdown.  We made good use of the shed so our exercise was not only good but relatively dry!

It went something like this;

Run and Get cinder blocks

Side straddle hop – 15

Cotton Picker – 15

Imperial storm troopers – 15

Sets of

10, 8, 6 military presses

10, 8, 6 goblin squats

10, 8, 6 merkins

Sets of

On sixes

10, 8, 6 bench presses

10, 8, 6 Pullovers

10, 8, 6 arm extensions

Sets of

10,8, 6 lawnmower pulls (5 each arm)

10, 8, 6 cinder block burpees

10,8,6 clean and press

sets of 10

Cinder block burpees

Clean and press


Run back and return bricks

4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve in the Rain

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Enjoyed it Maximux. Great Christmas eve workout. It was some good fellowship too. Have a great day with your family tomorrow.

  2. Dingo

    Good stuff Maximus! The peer pressure of F3 is a powerful force!! Pouring down with rain on Christmas Eve……We should have been in bed like normal people! But no! The idea that one of your brothers might be out there alone is enough to get us out of the fartsack and we we are stronger, better men for it!

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