12 Days of Christmas

8 Pax rose early on a cold, rainy morning for the final El Dorado of 2014. The theme was the “12 Days of Christmas”, but this version had an El Dorado/Varsity beatdown levels of effort.

The Thang 

Run to the deck then complete the following plan.

There will be 12 set locations where we will be completing exercises. The flow of the workout will be to run to the 1st location and complete the exercises there. Next, you will run to the 2nd location, complete the designated exercises and then run back to the 1st location and complete the exercises associated with the 1st location. Next, run to the 3rd location, complete the designated exercises, run to the 2nd location and complete the 2nd location exercises and then run to the 1st location and complete the 1st location exercises. Continue this pattern through all 12 days. Below are the 12 locations and the designated exercises to be completed at each.


  • Level 1 (ground floor) of StH – 10 Burpees
  • Level 2 of StH – 20 Carolina Dry Docks
  • Level 3 of StH – 30 Merkins
  • Level 4 of StH – 40 Squats
  • Level 5 of StH – 50 Dips
  • Level 6 of StH – 60 LBCs
  • Level 1 of Ramps – 70 Calf raises
  • Level 2 of Ramps – 80 Imperial Storm Troopers (40 each leg/side)
  • Level 3 of Ramps – 90 Mason Twist (45 each side)
  • Level 4 of Ramps – 100 Arm circles
  • Level 5 of Ramps – 110 Apolo Ohno (55 each direction)
  • Level 6 of Ramps – 120 Freddy Mercury (60 each side/direction)

So, for example, when you get to the 8th day of Christmas, you will:

  • Run from the base of StH into the garage, up the ramps to the 2nd level and complete 80 ISTs
  • Run to the bottom of the ramps (location 7), complete 70 Calf Raises
  • Run to the top of StH (location 6), complete 60 LBCs
  • Run down to the 5th level of StH (location 5) and complete 50 Dips
  • Run down to the 4th level of StH (location 4) and complete 40 Squats
  • Run down to the 3rd level of StH (location 3) and complete 30 Merkins
  • Run down to the 2nd level of StH (location 2) and complete 20 Carolina Dry Docks
  • Run down to the 1st level of StH (location 1) and complete 10 burpees

Then move on to day 9.

If you complete all 12 days…these will be the total numbers:

  • 45 Flights of stairs
  • 15 Flights of ramps
  • 120 Burpees
  • 220 CDDs
  • 300 Merkins
  • 360 Squats
  • 400 Dips
  • 420 LBCs
  • 420 Calf Raises
  • 400 ISTs
  • 360 Mason Twists
  • 300 Arm Circles
  • 220 Apolo Ohnos
  • 120 Freddy Mercury

Run back to the Parking lot

The Moleskin

  • T-Claps to all who posted this morning. This was front-loaded with upper body exercises, although the calf raises before running the full StH certainly worked the legs.
  • I believe the front men completed 8 days which translates to (2 Flights of ramps, 31 flights of stairs, 80 burpees, 140 CDDs, 180 merkins, 200 squats, 200 dips, 180 LBCs,140 Calf raises, 80 ISTs).
  • Here’s the humbling part…if you complete all 12 days, there are 78 total pain stations. Those that completed 8 days completed 36 pain stations…which means we were ALMOST half-way done.
  • Always a pleasure to lead at El Dorado. Hope everyone has a great Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Christ. An occasion (when combined with Easter) that changed the world as we know it. Please find some time quiet time to reflect on the season and the impact it has for you. Aye!!!

3 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas

  1. Frodo Post author

    Great push this morning by all. El Dorado will bring out the best in you.

    @Skipper – I’m glad time ran out when it did…you were getting stronger and stronger as the Days went on.

    @Chowder – Way to hang in there. 10 days off sucks sometimes, huh? Way to push your way through.

    @Exit 54 – Glad to see there is one dedicated member of your Pax. El Dorado AND Qing a Christmas morning beatdown….that’s dedication (or insanity).

  2. Gordo

    awesome challenging workout.

    Equally great was the post workout breakfast fellowship @thenanny suggested. Great time to get to know fellow PAX better. We might have a fellow PAX with a supply of eggs to sell. We had “lawyerly” advise, etc..

  3. Skipper

    @Frodo – A challenging workout to say the least! Everyone pushed hard and everyone was very happy to hear the 6:05am call out.

    Excellent 2ndF and food (4th F?) at the Sweet Spot. Let’s do it again tomorrow…

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