Tradition Pax WILL run ;)

3 Traditioners climbed out of the fartsack to continue the journey towards their first Marathon in March.

Due to an injury, we cut back to 9 miles this morning, to make sure everything was working OK.

We ran from The Winchester pool up to Prosperity Church Rd.  Headed towards Highland Creek.  At the Bojangles we jumped on the new(Unopen) section of the I485 and ran west up one of the longest hills we have found around these parts.  Once we got to 4.5 miles we turned around and headed home.

It was a good morning for a run, warmer than I expected.  That I 485 hill has become my nemesis…….I never enjoy it and I feel like it loves demoralizing me……

Huge Tclapps to Funky and Toro!

11 miles next week if anyone wants to join us?  We will offer shorter routes also 🙂