Q Training grounds…

17 of Highlands Bravest decided to exit the fart sack and lace them up for a mini Q training session.

Warm up:

Mosey to buss lot

20 x side straddle hop

20 x imperial storm trooper

15 x merkins


The Thang:

Mosey to track:

Line up in single file, man in front sprints full lap until he gets back to the pack. Once man gets back to the PAX the next man in front sprints full lap and then leads PAX in exercise.. and so on…. and so on…..YHC… does not remember all the excersises since each individual called their own.

To continue the theme of the day(Q Training)… Each man sound off in the comments below with the exercise you led.

PAX finished the day with a race around the track. Virtual Trophy and an official Range at Lake Norman hat goes to #BrownDerby for blowing the field away!  #younglegs  Great Job!




As always it is a great pleasure to lead you men. The workout is a great benefit but it is the fellowship that gets me out of bed every morning.

Thanks to #ponyboy and #smokey for giving me the idea of the workout. It was a great way to keep the heart working and get everyone involved in leading the PAX.

Welcome back #chowder it is great see and hear you back in the gloom!!

#Conchito hope that hamstring heals up.

Hope everyone takes advantage of today! Make it a great one!





10 thoughts on “Q Training grounds…

  1. Gordo

    @google – great workout. The 400 sprint race Is an excellent way to end it.

    One excercise we did was partner sprints and LBCs. Partner one runs to center of soccer field and back while partner two does LBCs, switch and repeat until next man calls the excercise.

  2. Wild Turkey

    Air squats X 21 – IN CADENCE
    LBCs X ??? – IN CADENCE

    Thanks for the push this morning to call cadence, @Chowder. There is definitely something special about leading a group of fine gentlemen. Thanks for the opportunity to grow as leaders today.

    Great workout today, @Google. Glad to hear your dad is back home.

  3. Charmin

    Great workout today. Was really feeling it in the hamstrings. Always interesting when we do something new. I went back to bed this morning and after laying there staring at the ceiling I got up and posted. I chose wisely.

    10x with each leg – Side lunges

    Hold squat position until runner arrived.

  4. Skipper

    @Google – sounds like a good one. That’s a really cool gift that @BrownDerby won! #regifter

    Speaking of Q school lessons, pay attention to pax names, or write down so you don’t miss folks on BB. #petpeeve #dontshoot

  5. Google Post author

    @Skipper…PAX defitinetly made it known during the presentation it was a #regift….#notashamed

    Lesson noted…Q did bring pen and paper but due to the amount of sweat and shaky handwritting Q could not read once back at the house. #QRookie

  6. Pavarotti

    20 Carolina Dry Docks with Crab Walk chasers.

    Good workout, Google. I liked ending with a fast lap.

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