Let’s Take A Little Trip

16 Tradition faithful showed up on this brisk morning wondering if the Q was going to show.  Have no fear for at 5:29 YHC jumped out of the Looser Cruiser and yelled 1 minute….


Pair up for warm up:

20 SSH

20 IST

20 Mountain Climbers

While partner one does warm up exercise partner 2 does the Stoli Skip. When partner 1 finishes he runs to partner 2 and switch.

Mosey to fence for a Derkin Ladder

10 bottom rail, 10 LBC,  8 middle rail,8 LBC,  6 top rail, 6 LBC

Continue to pre-school where 10 reps of 5 execises will be separated by a sprint the length of parking lot.

Air Squat, CCD, Revese LBC, Merkins, Burpees

Continue to shopping center loading dock for The Peoples Chair w/ air presses and Balls to the Wal.

Mosey over to office park for a little Cackalacky Choo Choo. 2 trips through and Mosey back to the fence.

6 top rail, 6 Squirm, 8 middle rail, 8 squirm, 10 bottom rail, 10 squirm

Mosey back to AO for Mary

Pretzel crunch – Dingo

Low Flutter – Gentle Grizzly

Box cutter, Homer to Marge medley – Raptor

Lbc x 20

Frozen Moleskin:

1.it is always a pleasure and an honor to have the chance to lead a group of guys like you all. Thanks for the opportunity.

2. Don’t  change the warm -up. Leads to easy confusion. of course in my mind the directions made perfect sense. It probably didn’t come out that clear.

12 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Little Trip

  1. Dingo

    Good stuff Funky! I enjoyed all the running. Meant to give you a whole lot more mumblechatter……but I was enjoying the peace and quiet 🙂

  2. FunkyBunch Post author

    Good work today guys.
    2 things:
    1. I was surprised to be that close to the front doing those sprints. #takealapoff

    2. It was brought to my attention afterwards that I was not the only one who noticed The Farm’s pants or lack there of. #letitallhangout

  3. The Farm

    Way to make it sound WAAAAY worse than it was Funky! To be clear, I was wearing tights with no shorts! It takes a very confident man to pull that off! Mission accomplished.

    It’s funny the things you forget to do when you’re rushing. I woke up at 5:18 and made it right on time for a 5:30 beatdown (sans shorts) and seriously didn’t notice until the Q pointed it out!

    Things I learned this morning include the following: 1)Don’t oversleep for workouts 2) Be sure to wear tights AND shorts to workouts because if not 3) Funky WILL notice! 4) Do not end up next to Dingo during Mary.

    1. The Farm

      5) When Jelly says he’s bringing the mumblechatter, what he means is he’s going to be REALLY quiet!

      1. Forgotten Jelly

        Although I was quiet, I think your comment to Funky at the end about him noticing you not wearing shorts made up for everyone!

  4. Gangsta's Paradise

    I think quiet could be added to the Lexicon as “Forgotten Jelly mumblechatter” #onlinemumblechatter

    Sorry I haven’t been there this week. Looks like I’ve been missing some killer workouts. Been dealing with a little knee issue since the 5K, but should be out next week.

  5. BlindDate

    Funky – Great workout. Moving around to different AOs provided a great variety.

    Farm — It was nice that your wife lets you borrow her yoga pants to work out in. I’m kidding of course. You are a much braver soul than myself to pull that off.

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