Sad Clown Post

No shovel flag, no Pax, no Problem!

Not much mumble chatter among the PAX for a chilly 27 degree morning.

The Thang:

COP:Burpees x 20, series of stretches

Run down and back to entrance of Highland Creek (towards Eastfield) -10 x burpees every intersection.

Run around parking lot

Mary  – Series of stretches

Mole Skin

-PAX was a little quitet this morning during the run

– Lots of strange looks doing burpees at the intersections from folks walking their dogs



3 thoughts on “Sad Clown Post

  1. Ironhide

    I was planning on participating this morning, but as I was starting to roll out of bed at 4:45 I felt someone tugging me back in and… Well… You know…

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