Frozen Tundra

10 of Highlands bravest laced them out to get in a bootcamp beatdown on a very cold morning.

Warm up:

Run out to Parkway and back to parking lot with High Knees, Leg kicks and Side Steps.

21 x Side Straddle Hop

15x Imperial Storm Troopers

15 x Windmill “Don Quixotes”

The Thang:

Mosey to front hill

7 to 1 Ladder with Burpee at the top and WW2 sit up at the bottom.

Mosey to Bus parking lot.

2 groups.

Group 1.

10 x pull up

20 x merkins

30 x air squats

Rinse and repeat x 3

when finish run lap and start group 2 station.

Group 2.

Walking Lunge with leg lift to first cone

Plank walk to next cone

Burpee with Broad Jump to side walk.

3 lengths and then run lap. Head to station 1.


Mosey to Back Hill.

Single file up and down Hill running backward up x 4.


Jailbreak back to parking lot for Mary.


20 x low flutter

15 x pretzel crunch

20 x low dollly.


Mole Skin:

It is always a pleasure to lead the men of Highlands. It was really cold out there today. Hardest part is just showing up. Great job! Thanks @Alcatraz for lending the Q your gloves. Reallly saved my fingers after the latter on the frozen Tundra! ¬†@Pony Boy enjoyed the F2. ¬†Welcome to FNG Jamie Page or paige?? now known as “Zepplin”!


2 thoughts on “Frozen Tundra

  1. Charmin

    @ Google. You are quickly putting together some excellent beat downs. We covered some ground today for a total body workout. What we need when the temps get in the 20’s. Excellent work.

    @ Pax – That might have been the highest average age for a workout that I have ever seen. Think the war baby was 36 years old. Guess the under 35 crew cannot handle the cold and all stayed in bed.

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