Chilly 12 Days of Christmas

11 men met at the Tradition AO for a chilly 12 Days of Christmas workout this morning.

Warm Up
– Mosey around parking lot
– SSH x 12
– IST x 12
– Cotton Pickers x 12

The Thang
On the Xth (fill in day) day of Christmas, my F3 gave to me…
– 1 jingle jog around the AO
– 2 jump squats
– 3 diamond merkins
– 4 burpees burpin
– 5 dips of dippin
– 6 dive bomber push-ups (renamed the wife pleaser)
– 7 LBCs
– 8 wide merkins
– 9 carolina dry docks
– 10 mountain climbers
– 11 crunchy frogs
– 12 merkins

For those of you keeping count, overall we did 12 jingle jogs around the AO, 22 jump squats, 30 diamond merkins, 36 burpees, 40 dips, 42 wife pleasers, 42 LBCs, 40 wide merkins, 36 carolina dry docks, 30 mountain climbers, 22 crunchy frogs, and 12 merkins.

– crunchy frog (Mr. Belding)
– pretzel crunch (Chicken Strip)
– Freddy Mercuries (Helga)
– Knees to chest (Mountaineer)
– LBCs (Blind Date)
– Homer to Marge (YHQ)

Cold Moleskin
– It was a pleasure to lead you on this cold morning. Obviously I’m in the Christmas spirit.
– I purposely made the jingle jog around the AO bigger throughout the workout because I didn’t feel we were running enough and I wanted to use up more time (funky called it).
– Sorry if I messed up who did what in the Mary section or left people off. We did a lot of Mary exercises today. Sound off below if I missed you or made an error and I will fix it.

2 thoughts on “Chilly 12 Days of Christmas

  1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

    I enjoyed it today. Hope others had a good workout. Funky had some good mumblechatter today.

  2. BlindDate

    You obviously didn’t get my Christmas list because I don’t have burpees on it anywhere, but I’m sure my arms and legs are appreciative of it. Good workout.

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