Nice Lights @ManDown

A 6-pack of #Precinct men met in the chilly, wet gloom to see what @Skipper had in store.

The Thang:

Warmup COP: SSH, Windmill, IST, Mountain Climbers

Mosey down the street to @ManDown’s house to view his pretty Christmas lights (no lie, I do enjoy his decorated house).  10 burpees in the glow of the lights.  Timer started for 10 burpees every 5 minutes.

Mosey back to AO to beach volleyball court for 3 x of squat-blocks across the court.

Move to playground for 10 pull-ups and 10 mericans, Repeato x 3

Move to path between pool and tennis courts for 5 x up and down stairs and wall muscle-ups

Move into the prison yard (tennis courts for the non-Precinctors)

1 minute of hand stands

Prison Yard sprints:  Forward/Back; Defensive Slide; Duck Walk/Bear Crawl; Chimp Walk; Karaoke; Inch Worm Mericans; Burpee Broad Jump; Cheetah x 3

Mary: (around the horn)

Crunchy Frog (@Skipper)

Low Dolly (@Trail Mix)

Low Flutter (@Gentle Grizzly)

Flat Pretzel Crunch (@Man Down)

Squirm (@Cinder Block)

LBC (@Frostbite)

Circle Merk x 5

Finish with 10 burpees

The Naked Man Moleskin:

1. I counted between 50-60 burpees this morning (depending on how many you did broad jumping the prison yard).

2. @ManDown’s Christmas lights: simple, colorful, precise, bright = #quality

3. Speaking of quality, that’s a good word to describe @Cinderblock’s form during exercises. #noshortcuts

4. I think we found @Frostbite’s kryptonite. #handstands

5. Who knew that @GentleGrizzly had wheels?!  We saw it today during the Cheetah sprints at the end. #sneakyswift

6. @TrailMix tried to confuse us with his Mary exercise #doasIsay; I think he is also part Chimp.

7. Be careful of @ManDown’s next Q.  Something about “Q until spew”. #couldgetugly



3 thoughts on “Nice Lights @ManDown

  1. The Farm

    I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give FunkyBunch a hard time this morning, but I plan on checking out a Precinct workout (and Man Down’s Christmas lights) really soon.

  2. Trail Mix

    Great workout @Skipper. It always seems to be a tougher workout with a smaller group. I agree @Grizzly was smokin’ those sprints… he’s always had a good bear crawl, naturally, but was working the cheetah today too.

    I’m renaming my Mary mis-call the Low Folly…

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