May Have Been Better With A 3 Legged Dog

16 Tradition men showed up for Dingo’s birthday bash but due to a wounded paw he had to relinquish his Q. I was trusted to pick up the mantle so it went a little like this:


Warm up mosey around front lawn of church.


SSH x 20

Mountain Climber x 20

IST x 10

Plank Jack x 10


the Thang:


Prison Merkin Ladder (start with 1 merkin and 1 air press up to 10 each)

partner up and mosey to the Outback. split pairs into 2 groups..

1 group does 20 partner throw downs each and sprints to Pull-up bars for 10Pull-ups each when they return they do what group 2 has done

2nd group does 15 partner get ups each and sprints to dip bars (not picnic tables) for 10 dips each when they return they do what group 1 has done.

repeat 2 times

Mosey to white fence for a derkin ladder

bottom rail x 10

LBC x 10

middle rail x 8

Squirm x 8

top rail x 6

Squirm x 6

middle rail x 8

Squirm x 8

bottom rail x 10

(Lbc’s were switched to The Squirm just for Pharaoh…Gangsta suggested that the Squirm be the exercise of the month in January. ” We can Squirm our way to a 6 pack.”)


mosey to parking lot for some prone sprints

facedown facing forward, on your 6 facing forward, face down facing backwards, on your 6 facing backwards.


Mason Twist – Pharaoh

Box Cutter – Mr. Belding

Pretzel Crunch – Gangsta

New and improved Homer to Marge Medley – Jelly



1. It’s always a pleasure to have the opportunity to lead this great group of guys.

2. Dingo get that foot healed up, we miss you out there brother.

3. Since this was supposed to be his Birthday Q I asked him what things he liked to do the most. this about covered what he gave me. so if you didn’t like it Bitch to him about it not me.

4. Pharaoh I did throw in a lot of extra Squirm in there just cause we all know what a fondness you have for it. #wearoldshirts

12 thoughts on “May Have Been Better With A 3 Legged Dog

  1. Magma

    good Q today Funky

    @Pax-remember Gangta’s challenge to us all-Squirm your way to a 6 pack is the next thing!

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice Q today Funky. Good mix of exercises. I think I like my version of the Homer to Marge Medley. What I was doing was too similar to Raptor’s specialty.

    Thanks for throwing in all those squirm exercises.

  3. The Farm

    Nice workout this morning Funky Bunch! I almost went to The Precinct this morning but saw you were leading and wanted to throw some mumblechatter at you…although most of it ended up being directed at Pharaoh.

    Happy Birthday Dingo! Several suggested we run to your house this morning and work out in your yard but (unfortunately) we didn’t do it which is weird because everyone seemed to be for it.

  4. FunkyBunch Post author

    The suggestion to run to Dingos house was spoken about till about 6:00. That was a little late.

    I think Pharaoh showed up this morning to through a little chatter my way. I don’t think he expected to be the recipient.

  5. Maximus_MECA

    Great Q today Funky. Happy birthday Dingo! We missed you – hope your foot is better soon. I definitely got stronger today after partner picking up Funky 30 times!

  6. Gangsta's Paradise

    Happy Birthday @Dingo! Missed having you out there brother, and keep resting up that foot!

    @Pharaoh – Abs are definitely feeling great after so many squirms today! #itworksipromise

  7. Dingo

    Thanks for the bday shout outs!

    I’d been looking forward to this Q for a while…..

    Thanks Funky for taking it for me!

  8. Pharaoh

    @Funky Bunch – great lead – great fun! Good F2 with practically all the Pax involved! Great way to start our days!

  9. Skipper

    @Dingo – Happy Birthday Mate! (said with Gangsta’s Aussie accent) Hope you enjoy your birthday meal at Outback with a Fosters!

  10. Gangsta's Paradise

    @Skipper – Funky definitely had an attempt at @Dingo’s accent early on, but we think he sounded more like Crocodile Dundee. #leavetheaccenttotheexperts

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