Tradition Holiday Party

The Tradition AO had their first holiday party this past Saturday, December 6th, at The Sweet Spot from 7-11 (some stayed until midnight). About 20 PAX showed up with their better halves to partake in some 2ndF. There was good food, good beer, a really tasty cake, some interesting awards, some fun pictures compiled by Uppercut, and a hilarious video created by Man Down. Go here to see the video. Several people have asked me to share the list of the awards I came up with. So here they are, with some additional explanation where necessary:

Pongo, Raptor, Maximus, and Guinness: Oldest Mudrun Team (combined age of 214 years)
Pharaoh: Gung Ho Award (Always giving everything, except when doing the squirm because he doesn’t want to ruin his shirt)
Blind Date: Late Bloomer Award (His voice cracking all throughout his VQ)
Man Down: The Fabio Award (For always flexing his muscle in every picture, as can be seen in the image on the left of the slide. Also, he told some of us when he looked at the other image from the mud run, he said he was impressed with how cut that person was and then he realized he was looking at himself).
Man Down - Fabio
Icicle: The Jelly Lube Award (Saying every excuse is a “jelly lube,” even though he has more excuses than anyone. This name came from the one time I gave an excuse for something. Granted, I’ve had plenty since then, but I don’t think I beat out Icicle on this one. Close second!)
Striker: The Super Trooper Award (Striker sent out some pictures of himself in his uniform with his awesome stache from the Movember challenge. Funky pointed out he looked like Farva from Super Troopers. Look at the pic and see for yourself.)
Striker - Super Trooper
Dutch: The Jillian Michaels Award (For using women’s health as a source for his workouts AND wanting to make a flier for EVERYTHING! I was waiting for him to asking me to make a flier for the party.)
Gentle Grizzly: The Dedicated VQ Award (For doing his VQ even though everyone else fartsacked. He stayed for about 30 minutes. T-claps brother!)
Grizzly - VQ
Funky Bunch: The Mumblechatter Award (For including some entertaining mumblechatter at EVERY workout. His M said it was the same way at home. Blind Date pointed out to me after the party that he even had some mumblechatter for me during the awards part!)
Iron Wolf: Movember Leadership Award (For his excellent leadership of some of the PAX during the Movember challenge. Plus, I just wanted to use this opportunity to show a before/after pic. Thanks to his M for sharing two of the pictures.)
Iron Wolf
Dingo: The Ron Jeremy Award (During the Movember challenge I told Dingo he looked like a porn star. Apparently I wasn’t the only one to say this. He heard it enough that he decided to quit the challenge and grow out his full beard again.)
Striker and Funky Bunch: The Didn’t Realize They Were So Close Award (I learned a lot about these two during the mudrun. I think the pictures say enough.)
– All F3 Tradition Wives: The Eternal Support Award (For supporting their husbands every day in our efforts to become better men and in the words of Dutch, less squishy.)

Finally, here are some pics from the party. I’ve included the cake and some pictures that Iron Wolf took during the awards part of the evening. The last two shots are of funky because he came in complaining that his barber shaved off his widow’s peak. It was hilarious, so I had to share the pics.

2014-12-06 20.50.07




2014-12-06 19.09.19

2014-12-06 19.09.10

11 thoughts on “Tradition Holiday Party

  1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

    I thoroughly enjoyed the party and getting to meet all of the Ms. I hope more will come out next time we do something like this.

  2. FunkyBunch

    FJ and Gansta thanks for putting together a fun night out. You two did a great job. The M and I had a great time. It was great to spend some time with everyone and see what they look like when not blurry eyed at 5:30 in the morning. Looking forward to next years event and all the cold morning posts in our near future. AYE!!

  3. BlindDate

    It was a lot of fun and nice to get a chance to talk to people when I wasn’t trying to catch my breath.

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