First Rolling Stone Cruise

Five men took the red pill and headed out in the misty gloom of moss creek. First we went out to the Rukus House, next to the entrance off of 73 and finally out to the Greenway via Astoria Ln and back to HCMS.

Enjoyed it immensely gentlemen. The 2F of a good cruise makes the time fly. We made it farther and went faster than I thought we would for the first time out. Considering we have a couple guys flirting with or just coming off the injured list, we did great.


4 thoughts on “First Rolling Stone Cruise

  1. Kato

    @Lawdawg…Thanks for making this happen. T-claps to the PAX for posting for an initial investment in something that’ll pay dividends over time.

    Great run….we went further than I thought we would. Glad to see everyone recovering from injury was able to complete the run without issues.

  2. Pharaoh

    @RollingStone – gathers no moss! way to go guys! Running any distance was a big obstacle when I started F3. Just the warmup mosey would have me out of breath and discouraged. Keep up the good work and as Kato said it will pay great dividends!

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