posting on behalf of Google, so I’m saving all the good commentary for when I have the reigns.

Mosey out Concrete Rabbit Hole to HCP for high knees, Stoli skip, Imperial Storm Walkers, karaoke left, karaoke right… mosey to MS parking lot.

Warm up
– SSH x 20 IC
– Merkins x 15 IC
– Cotton Picker x 11 IC (yup, 11)
– Windmill x 10 IC

Mosey to bus lot, pair up:
– partner 1 runs down to last BB post and back to catch partner 2
– partner 2 does walking lunges with leg raise in the back (in the direction of the muscular orientation – or some other fancy stuff that Google said.)
– flap jack when caught and each do two complete cycles

Mosey to playground for Mini-Murph:
– Split into 3 groups, each start on different exercise
– 10 pull ups
– 20 Mericans
– 30 Sumo squat
– Run the 200m track – one lap
Rinse and repeat for a total of 3 rounds

Plank walk on rail up into mobile classroom walk way
Jog back down to parking lot for LBCs and Low Dolly IC

Mosey to wall on side of MS
– People’s chair – 0:30s both legs; 0:15s per leg for one legged PC
– 10 count and repeat

Follow the leader Quadrephelia – 4x up the hill

Mosey back to parking lot with Jailbreak half way.

People’s Mary
Reverse Crunch x 15 IC – Alcatraz?
Pretzel Crunch L x 10 IC and R x 10┬áIC – Iron Hide
Rosalita x 15 IC – Smokey?


– No shield this week/month
– Get Nanny your pics and videos for the Holiday Party (deadline is Friday)
– Oakley sale this Saturday on Bell’s Mill – see Nanny for details
– Winter Gloom gear is in. Come pick it up on Thursday from Chowder

– Y’all are on your own here… make your own moleskin in the comments below.

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  1. Google

    Chowder… Thanks for the back blast since I was late to catch a flight to Chicago!

    It was an honor to lead you men. I felt like we definitely kept that heart rate going throughout the workout.

  2. The Nanny

    @Google You never disappoint on your Qs. Quickly gaining a reputation as a tough Q. Even after MerkVember I still struggled to get through all the merkin work you had for us. It was solid. Sitting her with sore lats as well….we don’t do enough pull-ups – thx for giving us the opportunity.

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