Shaky Puddin (referring to the quads) Don’t Google this!

14 men gathered in the gloom after a weekend of leftovers and family gatherings. Many thought they were finished with their Merkvember activities but much to their surprise, YHC had a fun filled morning of more Merkins. We gathered near the shovel flag and then we were off for the following…

AYG to the top of Sneaky Pete (7th floor)

Partner Up

Complete 15 Cliff Hanger Merkins Each
Complete 15 Patty Cake Merkins Each
Complete 30 LBC Each
P1 run down tower 1 to bottom floor
P2 run down tower 2 to bottom floor
On the bottom floor P1 and P2 will complete Partner Chair for 50 seconds

Rinse and Repeat but decrease one floor each time you go up so next floor will be the 6th floor.

*Repeat entire cycle once you have completed all floors. Partners should switch each time up.

AYG back to Home Base

– Thanks for joining me Men! I got the e-mail from Dingo on Saturday to cover as he is still on IR and thought I would throw this one at you guys since only a hand full experienced it a couple weeks ago.
– We had a couple front runners this morning, t-claps to those men.
– Both @Skipper and I completed 270 merkins and I believe everyone was around the same number or more. No merkin rest this morning, it wouldn’t be right to just go cold turkey the day after Merkvember.
– If you stayed for 2ndF you would have found out about @Nanny’s West Coast Turkey Day activities. Something about frying a turkey on the beach…
– Sound off in the comments if you have anything else

5 thoughts on “Shaky Puddin (referring to the quads) Don’t Google this!

  1. The Nanny

    @Col Mustard Solid beatdown. 50 seconds on partner sits felt more like 150 seconds. I think everyone I saw getting “up” from those groaned and winced – and I joined them.

    @Toro Great working with you this morning. I appreciated your tenacity as you fought through the merkin induced muscle failure.

    @Google @Gordo I enjoyed watching Google play “Where’s Gordo.” Best part is that it was at the bottom which should have been the easy one…

    1. Colonel Mustard Post author

      @Nanny – Yes Skipper and I or maybe it was just me who had the Shakey Puddin legs on the partner squats. #Quadfailure

      @Gordo – With @Google as a partner not sure that should of happened.

      1. Gordo

        It is true I made @google wait more than once! I was ensuring by default the rear was covered.

        It was awesome to be out there, with F3 brothers, suffering after the massive indulgence that I fall victim to every time we have a holiday.

  2. Skipper

    Thanks for partnering with me @ColMustard and for the solid beatdown! Heck of a way to get back at it after a gluttonous few days.

    Awesome to see the clown car from Concord post. Those men really pushed the pace today! @KGB, @Exit54, @Grover, @Chavez(not Concord, but similarly studly).

    During the cliff hanger merkins I realized how my F3 brother truly held my life in his hands. #don’tlikeheights

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