Impromptu Q

13 of us decided to sweat out some beer and gravy on a brisk Saturday morning (good line Google)

The Thang:

No Q on the schedule so I decided to give Colonel Mustard a break and took the Q.  Mosey to warmup

10 Side Straddle Hops

20 Merkins

5 slow Cotton Pickers.

Mosey to field for sprints

30 yard sprint.  Back and Forth with Merkins in between.  About 10 sprints and 100 merkins.

Mosey to bike rail.  Partner up.

set 1 -Max out dips.  Hand walk the rail.

Set 2 – Max out merkins on bike rake.  Hand walk the rail

Progressions – 10 to 1 ladder

Side Straddle Hops – Squats, LBC and merkins

Mosey to hill – 5 sets

Backwards walk up hill.  10 merkins at top. 10 WWII situps.

Mosey to front of school – 2 sets with partner

1 person does 20 merkins. The other does 20 step ups.  Switch and repeat.

Mosey to tennis courts.  3 sets

Run around courts.  Wall climb around garbage fences

Mosey to Mary

3 minutes Iron Cross

Community Mary

Major Payne – LBC

Chopper – Homer to Marge

ONJ – Reverse Crunch

Google – Low Flutter


Thanks for letting me fill in today.  Saw an opportunity to ensure I got in my merkins and took it.

Heard some mumble chatter in the beginning of the progressions.  Took that as a sign that I needed to pick up the pace.  Mumble chatter quickly died out.  Mission accomplishment.

Remind me to never show up late to a workout attended by Major Payne.  Funky Bunch took some heat and the fact that he ran 6 miles to the workout did not matter one bit to Major.  It was awesome.

There would be no way without F3 that I would ever get up early on a Saturday to workout for an hour.  Thanks for the push.


4 thoughts on “Impromptu Q

  1. Charmin Post author

    @ Punter – Thank you for the help tracking the names. Appreciate it.

    @ ONJ – Think we were all surprised that you did not go with the J Lo during community Mary. Have to admit I was a bit disappointed. Always a highlight.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. The Farm

    After reading this BB, I’m also surprised ONJ did not go with the J-LO. Also hate that I missed MP chewing out Funky Bunch.

  3. Dutch

    Charmin – thanks for the Handling the Q. Progression was a classic once again.
    Good to get out and sweat out the overconsumption.!

  4. Colonel Mustard

    Thanks for taking the lead Charmin. I knew you would not allow us Merkvember participants to go home empty handed. T-Claps brother!

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