Chalking it up to Holiday Travel

You know the drill… 0445 rolls around, you hit snooze and you hear the rain keeping a steady beat against your window. Decision time. You know it’s gonna be nasty out there. It would be so much easier to just shut off the alarm. So what’s your call – Red pill or blue pill? Three Highlanders chose the #redpill cruise today. YHC is sure glad they did. Here’s the (short and easy) recap…

The Thang
Mile loop out Street St. to Ridge to Shelley to HCP and duck back in the Concrete Rabbit Hole.
Drop off @RedRyder (t-claps for posting this a.m., brother!)
Head back out for the Run the Creek 5k course

COT and 2-Man BOM courtesy of FNG Jeff

– No Highlands bootcamp at HCE on Thursday, but converge at MCP @ 0700 instead
– If you’re looking for an early beatdown or a #doubledown opportunity tomorrow, Tradition is running a bootcamp @ 0530 at Stonebridge

Blurred-Ink Moleskin
– T-claps to Red Ryder and FNG Jeff for posting this morning despite the elements. Really enjoyed the 2nd F guys. Thanks for not letting me post solo.
– Red Ryder – love that you’ve become a regular again. Great to have you back in the fold. Keep it up, brother!
– FNG Jeff – welcome to the area; Glad you found us and keep coming back (you gotta get your nickname!) F3 is just one reason to love Charlotte #betterthanAtlanta. Don’t let my slow-trod this morning discourage you… we do actually have a few thoroughbreds around who will help push the pace for you in the future. Thanks for taking us out with a strong 2-man BOM shout out.
– Where was everyone else? You know, we post regardless of the weather, fellas. #IgnoreCantore. I’ll chalk it up to holiday travel rather than #fartsacking, right?

2 thoughts on “Chalking it up to Holiday Travel

  1. RedRyder

    Thanks for putting up with the “old guy”. You guys are awesome… no hype. Thanks for your faithfulness and encouragement. You inspire me to choose the #RedPill. I had zero plans of posting tomorrow… you’ve got me thinkin’ about it. Let’s see if I can follow through.
    Growing in grace… and amazed!

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