Wet mumblechatter beatdown

15 men showed up for a wet and mumblechatter filled beatdown.

Mosey around church
Circle up
Side straddle hop x 12
Imperial Storm roopers x 12
Cotton Pickers x 12

Mosey to Outback
3 exercise challenge (as fast as you can, without losing form) – 3 rounds (plank between rounds)
Groiners x 10
tombstones x 10
Rotational squat jumps x 10

Partner Up – grab a cinder block
Partner A: 15 two hand curls
Partner B: WWII situps until SWI CH
Partner A: 15 squat to shoulder press (clean and press)
Partner B: dips until SWI CH
Partner A: 15 swing
Partner B: Plank jack until SWI CH
REPEATO (3 total rounds)

One more time of groiners, tombstones, and rotational squat jumps

Mary (in parking lot)
Homer to Marge medley from Raptor
Boxcutter from Mr. Belding
Mason Twist from the Farm
Squirm from Kemosabe
J-Lo from ONJ

– I enjoyed it this morning, even with all of the mumblechatter.
– Be careful of those curbs Funky Bunch
– I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving.

21 thoughts on “Wet mumblechatter beatdown

  1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

    Sounds like people don’t like the three exercises I put together. I will have to do them again soon.

  2. Dingo

    Sorry Jelly, you experienced 10 days of pent up mumble chatter exploding into one workout! It was good to be back! I didn’t realize you and Dutch were creating workouts together now?? 😉

    @Mountaineer – Great to partner up with you!

  3. The Farm

    Hilarious beatdown! @Dingo had a lot to say about just about everything! I had to google “groiner” to make sure Jelly didn’t make it up. I did it on my phone though since I was sure the results would be NSFW.

  4. BlindDate

    Good beatdown! I must say that I was thankful it was 65 degrees instead of 30 when we were doing the tombstone exercise. Now we all know what it feels like to be a sponge.

    As for Mary, let’s not forget the J-Lo — courtesy of ONJ. Perhaps we should have ONJ break it out at the holiday party for all the M’s to see. He may score a few free drinks for that.

    @Gentle Grizzly — strong work tearing through those reps.

  5. Dingo

    Thanks again FJ for leading!

    Thanks ONJ for making me laugh so hard I couldn’t workout!

    Thanks Mr Belding for showing what perfect form is!

    Thanks Raptor for perfecting Homer to Marge!

    Thanks Sensei for running to and from the workouts at 60 years of age! You Inspire me!

    Thanks Jemosabe, for that tender moment….

    Thanks Farm for recognizing I am an idiot!

    Thanks Funky for producing more distractions in a workout than Dredd

    Thanks Blind date for being addicted to F3!

    Thanks Dutch for proving a bad knee is NOT a good excuse to not workout!

    Thanks Grizzly for pushing through a workout on your own! #inspiration

    Thanks Wampa for shaving your beard so that I never recognize you anymore…..

    It’s Thanksgiving in a couple of days! I am thankful for F3, but more so for you men! You make me a better man!

  6. Colonel Mustard

    @ForgottenJelly – I thought about running over and giving you some grief but we had way more guys than I expected so we stayed put and had our own fun.

    @Dingo is thankful for #Merica.

  7. Kemosabe

    Thanks for the kind words Dingo, I have to say you “inspire me”. I think Blind Date’s idea about ONJ would be a classic at the Christmas party. Maybe we should try and get a picture of that one for the big screen. Take care, and I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!

  8. FunkyBunch

    FJ thanks for leading today. It was a good and soggy beatdown.

    Sensai it was great teaming up with you and FJ this morning. I agree with Dingo you are an inspiration.

    Ditto Dingo on the list of things that you are thankful for. As well I’m thankful Kemosabe was behind you doing dips.

  9. Maximus_MECA

    @forgottenJelly – you are the man for November! Definitely MVP. Qing 3 workouts in 3 sucessive days, in all sorts of weather, never missing a beat, and running the Xmas party – losing 30 pounds. Like you say – you are OBSESSED with F3 – and I am glad you are. !

  10. Maximus_MECA

    Oh and I forgot the 10,000 merkins you did this month in your spare time forgottenjelly. I’d say you had a good month!

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      Had to back off this challenge. Felt a pull in my chest. Wasn’t worth the injury. Still did 4350 in 2 weeks.

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