We Gathered, We Worked Out, We Experienced Fellowship & Then Went Home

It was a cool November morning, the roasters were still sleeping and many F3er’s were snuggled in their #fartsacks but many in the land Tradition, few from Highlands, and a couple from NOCO answered the call to see what #ThePrecinct had to offer. YHC and his #clowncar pulled into the parking lot at 0512 with no one in sight but then figures started to appear and the gates opened for the PAX to arrive. Once everyone gathered in the meeting spot, the #Disclaimer was read and then we were off.

Loop around the trees

SSH x25
Merkins x15
Carolina Drydock x15
Monkey Humpers x10
Squats x15

Mosey to the Tennis Court

Three Man Grinder:
Set 1 (2 Rounds): Merkins/Burpees with Suicides
Set 2 (4 Rounds): Squats/LBC with Sprints

Ring of Fire:
Bear Crawl until number is called and then perform Merkins
Lunges until number is called and then Squats
Crab Walk until number is called and then Low Flutter

Mosey back to parking lot

Partner up for the following:
Partner Derkins (P1 planks and P2 completed reverse derkins with feet on P1 back) x15 each
LBC x30 each
Rinse and Repeat

5 Minutes of MARY
Low Dolly
Reverse Crunch
Mason Twist
Crunchy Frog
Homer to Marge
Low Flutter

1. T-claps to all the men that came out this morning and thanks to the men of @F3NOCO and @F3Highlands who posted.
2. Welcome to our FNG who was the son of our War Daddy. I believe there was a little spilled Merlot in the middle of the Three Man Grinder. Did @Hot Wheels quietly name his FNG son during COT? If so, sound off in the comments with his name.
3. Good group of men, keep posting and EHing others as we all know there are a lot of #SadClowns out there!

-No #Precinct beatdown on Thanksgiving. Post at #Tradition at 0530 and Mallard Creek Park at 0700.

8 thoughts on “We Gathered, We Worked Out, We Experienced Fellowship & Then Went Home

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice beatdown Col. Mustard. Sorry I missed it. Was the Q at tradition. Definitely need to get over to the Precinct soon.

  2. Skipper

    Thanks again @Colonel Mustard for stepping up to Q for me! I’m glad I made it back to town to enjoy the pain.

  3. Colonel Mustard Post author

    The weather allowed for some sweat to pour down my forehead which is always a good indication for me.

    @ForgottenJelly – see you Thursday?

    @Silver Bullet – thanks brother, yeah I have no clue what that is. Maybe Google will tell me.

    @Skipper – no problem borther, any time for a fellow F3Haiti vet.

    By the way PAX, we are going back to Haiti September of 2015, want to join? Skipper and I can tell you all about it.

  4. Jock Strap

    Great beatdown. Always neat to check out different AO’s and see iron sharpening iron around our city.

    I grew up in Winchester which is directly adjacent to Wellington so it was neat to workout in my old stomping grounds.

    Total BS on the bear crawl ring of fire. That was brutal and I cant say I was totally surprised to have my number called after calling BS.

    Also may need some refinement on how to account for the grinder reps. Seemed like we were all over the place!

    I need the story behind “Prison Fruit”….what a great nickname!

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