The Power of Eight

10 of Harrisburg’s dedicated found the strength to post in the cool weather this morning in the hopes of getting stronger.  Here is how it went:

After a quick assurance that today would be a light and easy day –

Mosey down to the lower lot to listen to the brief disclaimer.

SSH x 20

Windmill x 10

Imperial Storm Trooper x 20

Merkins x 10

10 Burpees

Indian Run w/ (1) Burpee off the back – from lower lot, around the island in front of the library and back up to the shelter on the hill.

8 Sets of the following exercises:

8 Decline Merkins

Dips x 8

Incline Merkins x 8

8 Step-ups each leg

(Yes, that is 64 decline merkins, 128 dips, 128 incline merkins, and 128 step-ups)

Indian Run w/ (1) Burpee off the back – back down the hill, around the island in front of the library and down to the soccer field.

Three tiered Ladder:

Wide Merkins (at bottom of hill)….starting from 1 ending at 8

Diamond Merkins (at middle)…..starting from 1 ending at 8

Hand release Merkins (at top)….starting from 1 ending at 8

(Yes, that is 36 more of each type of Merkin….108 total)

Mosey around the soccer field and back over to the playground…and partner up.

Partner 1:  10 Pullups on the playground

Partner 2: Run to middle of football field, 10 jump squats, run back

Flapjack….and repeat with reducing reps each set (10, 8, 6, 4, 2)

(Total Count:  30 pullups and 30 jump squats)

Mosey back through the lower lot and back up the hill to the upper lot.


LBC x 20

Low Dolly x 20

Plank (1 minute…or so)

Low Flutter x 20

The Cold Man’s Moleskin:

1)  I appreciate the opportunity to lead this group.  I am always amazed by the effort put forth by the entire Pax.

2) I think the gloves that @Riptide recommended came with an ice lining.  My hands never managed to get warm until coffee.

3)  T-Claps to the Pax for their efforts with Sole Redemption.  I think @Hootie and @BBQ were making a delivery this morning.  We need to step up our efforts with the Harrisburg Food Pantry.  @Solo Cup got off way to easy with a few burpees this morning.

4) Calling out all those in the FS this morning.  Bundle up boys, it is only November.

5) Kotters to @Boondocks.  It is great to have you back out…It seems that you haven’t lost a step.  That just means you should be out in front in no time.

6) Some random comments about something starting with “Spartan.”  See @Gapper or @Chaos to join somebody’s team.

7) Great to see @Hootie out…still a regular at coffee and blazing the #GrayHarrisburg2015 campaign trail.

8) Murph…..Monday – Stallings Road Park – 5:30AM.





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  1. Bull2 Post author

    Good work this morning. That was only 300 merkins in some form or another. @Solo Cup should be able to put a few in the bank today.

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