Swat That Wolf!

6 Pax posted for a Kettle Bell beat down.
•Iron Wolf (QIC)
•Chicken Strip
•Major Payne

We need a name for the Bent leg, straight arm sit up. It’s just killer!

Warm up
•Mozy – Butt kickers, high knees
•Side straddle hops
•Emperial storm trooper
•Slow squat
•Wind mill
•Arm circles

Round 1 – 3 sets, 5 Reps (Increase by 5 reps each set)
•Sumo squat high-pulls
•Tricep extension
•WWII sit-ups
•Flutter-kick press
•Bent leg, One arm up sit up (need to name this thing. 5 each side.)
•Side bends (add 5 more than the rest)
•Kettle bell offset merkin


Sprint 25%, 50%, 75%

Sprint 50%, 75%, 100%

Repeat round 1 starting with the highest reps and working down

•Homer to Marge
•Scissor kicks
• Stretch
◦Stretch arms\chest