Just a Handful this morning

5 Men gathered in the gloom to get their week started off right…

Partner Up
AYG to the North Deck (We lost a Dingo here)

P1 run up the Mine Shaft to 6th floor
P2 run up Stairway to Heaven to 6th floor
Complete 10 Cliff Hanger Merkins Each
Complete 10 Patty Cake Merkins Each
Complete 40 LBC Each

P1 and P2 Back down the way you came to 1st floor
Partner Chair 45 second count (get those butts low)

Rinse and Repeat but decrease one floor each time you go up so next floor will be the 5th floor.

*Repeat entire cycle once you have completed all floors. Partners should switch each time up.

AYG back to Home Base

– Thanks for joining me this morning men. I thought it was just going to be Frodo and I. Very low numbers this morning hence why it was so quiet during the beatdown.
– I hope all the TR’ers got some much needed rest this morning. You deserve it.
– See you all tomorrow morning for the Skyline Grinder. I hear #Tradition is going to join us.
– Rest that foot @Dingo.

3 thoughts on “Just a Handful this morning

  1. BOS

    When I read the pre blast last night I laughed out loud and might have even snorted at the thought of climbing STH this morning. Not going to happen this week. May have to bring this one out again in the near future.

    1. Colonel Mustard Post author

      It wasn’t even a thought to have seen any of the Full guys. Yes it will be brought out again.

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