Thunder Road–Last Minute Thoughts

I have received several questions the past 24 hours about the race tomorrow. Thought it may be helpful to share.

What to wear?

Everyone is different. Race Start Temp is going to be sub 30. And…that will matter until about 5 minutes after race start…don’t overdress.

A good suggestion….gloves, hat, calf sleeves, if you have them…liner (MUD GEAR) shorts, f3 tee, long sleeve or short sleeve—on top of it, dig down deep in your old t-shirt drawer and find that “Pineville Winter Wonderland Tindle Mattress 5K” long sleeve race shirt and bring it with you. Wear it for the start and after a couple miles, donate to a lucky spectator. Rule of thumb…if you aren’t cold at the start, you are overdressed. Besides, it will be about 10-15 degrees warmer than about 50% of the workouts we hit last winter. You will be fine. 1 last thing…lotion/aquaphor….apply it over exposed skin….it keeps you warm….

Bring some warm clothes for after the race too!

Do I warm up?

yes–plan on running a mile or two easy….

Water stops…

cold weather, freezing temperatures, water—-be careful around water stops….there will be ice. also–just because it is cold, you still need to drink. you will sweat a lot more than you think. also, your body is working hard just to keep warm–consider a gel early in the race or even right before the start if you have something to drink with it


Look for the Shovel Flags…..(Bring em if you have em, please!)…..we will be in the park. Ball of Man at 0730….

Last thing:

At this point, you are all well prepared. Physically, you are in a great position. The only thing now that is of equal importance is where you are mentally. As we discussed over lunch today, running is just pain management. For every one of us tomorrow, there is going to be a point in the race where a little bit of you wants to quit. You will debate in your head and say “it’s not my day” or “it’s too cold” or “cold air hurts my lungs” or “gosh 1:41 is ok”….this is all normal. Yep…normal people will give in. They will become what is referred to as a convenient competitor. And, you will achieve a normal result. Congrats. But….we are not normal nor should we accept normal. Believe me, you will remember the exact point where you lost a bit, where you decided that normal is ok….and…you will regret it.

If you do only one thing tomorrow, try this. When the body hurts and you want to slow down, DON’T! Step up. Look at your watch….pick up the pace for 30 seconds…..suffer….then settle back in….do this every time….I’m pretty sure you won’t break.

It’s going to be a great morning and I am looking forward to seeing a lot of great performances. and for those of you who wanted to know if I am running since Tuesday’s ankle sprain…I’m running. I’m taped up…I have nothing to lose. I may not be at my best tomorrow, but I will give it 100%. If you Q it, you have to do it! I’m going to suffer right with you.

For all you guys doing the half….hope you can all stick around. Over 20 brothers going full tomorrow. Let’s be there to bring them in.

Get fired up!


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  1. Lee

    Freeloader, can you give us a rundown of who you know will be running tomorrow (full, half, etc.) so we mere spectators can be on the lookout for you and the other, uh, “inconvenient”(?) competitors? Material Girl, notwithstanding, of course…we know where we can find him.

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