merkin beatdown

14 men (and 1 Dingo) showed up to the Tradition AO for a merkin beatdown.

– SSH x 15
– Merkins x 10
– IST x 20
– Merkins x 10
– Air Squat x 10

The Thang
– Mosey to church
– Merkins x 20
– Dips x 20
– Decline Merkins x 20
– Jump ups x 20
– Incline Merkins x 20
– Lunge walk to portico, run around church
Repeat for 5 total sets

– Thanks to everyone for helping me reach my goal of 333 merkins for the day
– Dingo showed up with a porn star looking mustache and a camera. I hope he got some good photos for the Tradition party on December 6th.
– T-claps to Bootstrap for this workout. I saw he did this last week and Highlands and liked it. Figured I would give it a shot.

10 thoughts on “merkin beatdown

  1. The Farm

    Great workout today Jelly (or Bootstrap). By the way, I’ve already forgotten the word of the day. What was it again Jelly? Funkybunch?

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