the photographer’s here

YHC showed up ready to be led by our fearless leader Dingo. Once I noticed the photographer was here, I knew Dingo leading us was perfect. 5:30 rolled around and no Dingo! Enjoying the warmth of his bed. Oh well, time for an old glory beatdown in honor of our veterans.

The thang:

Start at shovel Flag in Parking Lot.

Run down to office buildings and back (1.0mile)

1. 20 x Merkins(front/right corner of Church)

2. AYG to Back/right corner of Church

3. 20 x Jump Squats

4. AYG to Pull Up Bars

5. 10 x Pull Ups

6. AYG across Field to sidewalk

7. 20 x WWII Situps

8. AYG to Shovel Flag – Touch the Flag – Thats 1 round.

9. AYG to front/right corner of Church

(Loop is 0.40miles)

Rinse and Repeat 1-9

Called an audible at 5:55 so we could all workout together for a little bit. Plus, it didn’t look like everyone had enough running, so I felt we needed to do some sprints followed by some Mary.

– Great work by everyone this morning. I hope you all smiled for the photographer. He seemed to take a lot of photos during the Mary portion of our workout.
– Nice idea by Hammer to get the shovel flag for our COT. It was appropriate to recognize old glory and all of our veterans that way.
– Thanks to Gangsta for leading us in our COT.
– Welcome to Linwood. Even though it was his first time, he was named today. So welcome now to Soccer Mom.
– My apologies for leaving names off. I didn’t have any paper to write down any names, so sound off in the comments.

13 thoughts on “the photographer’s here

  1. Maximus_MECA

    Great workout Forgotten Jelly – subbing in and audibling an Old Glory run into a variety pack of a mile+ run, exercises, sprints and extra Mary. Photographer got to see a lot!

  2. Gangsta's Paradise

    Definitely a nice beat down today @Jelly! Glad the photographer decided to show up and see us running Old Glory.

    Happy Veterans Day to all of our Pax Veterans and Veterans around the country. Your service to our country is beyond words and appreciation that we could ever express.

  3. BlindDate

    Great workout today by all. More importantly, thank you to all the men and women who have served to give us the freedoms we enjoy every day.

    Welcome to Soccer Mom. He was worried about pulling a “jelly” but made it through with no problem. Keep coming out.

    As for the photographer, I can only hope that there isn’t a full page picture of us doing the “W” or the “Rosalita” when the magazine goes to print.

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      Especially since the photographer was practically in your face during the Mary exercises.

  4. Prison Fruit

    I think the Old Glory would be a great workout for The Precinct to come back to Tradition for once a month; Nice improv Jelly! Call us next time it’s planned though

  5. Dingo

    Sorry I fartsacked this morning! Worn down after some high altitude beatdowns in the mountains……oh and 5 hours sleep each night does not agree with me.

    Is it weird that i laugh every time i see Prison Fruit on a back blast!!

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