10 men, including a flying in hot Chavez and El Dorado rookie Mattress King, took off at 5:15 to the North Deck to put in some firewood. It went a little something like this:

  • Run to the deck…
  • Split into thirds based upon the time it took you to get to the deck.  (Fastest 1/3 is group A, middle 1/3 is group B, slow guys like YHC is group C).
  • Split into teams of 3 pax, 1 from A, 1 from B, 1 from C.
  • Move to the bottom in the middle of the deck.
  • The three exercises are 100 merkins (good for the JV guys), 200 LBC’s, and 300 air squats.
  • Partner 1 runs up the stairway to heaven, across the top of the deck and down the mineshaft. Meanwhile, partner 2 sprints (well jogs or runs by the time we got after it) up the ramp to the split (one level) and back while partner 3 does exercise. Partner 2 and 3 alternate until 1 returns. Then partner 1 and 3 continue with sprint/exercise while 2 runs the stair loop. Once all three partners have run the loop you can move up to the next level.
  • Finish 100, 200, and 300? Start over again.
  • Rinse and repeat up and down the deck until 6:05. Once your team makes it to the top, the loop will descend down the mineshaft and back up the stairway to heaven. (Little bit of an audible from the pre-blast, we went to the bottom level and started to work back up).
  • Remember, always up the stairway to heaven, always down the mineshaft so we don’ have guys tripping over each other.
  • Try not to forget what level your team is on!
  • The virtual trophy goes to the team that gets back by 6:15 with the most levels completed. (Tiebreaker to # of reps on the exercises).


1. I was so out of breath at the finish, I’m not sure who the VT went to. I know Mustard, Chowder, and I got back first, but I think one of (or both) of the other groups completed more levels. Oh well, it was only a virtual trophy anyway.

2. Thanks for hanging in there on this one. I think it worked out great and even better than it looks on paper. A lot of variety and no rest for the weary. I hope the group with four did okay, I didn’t hear any complaints, so hopefully you worked it out.

3. Even though you know to expect it, It was still amazing how much heat that deck retains. That might become a pax favorite during the winter.

4. Don’t forget sole redemption. Per Chowder, $15 at Academy Sports will get you a pair to donate.

I hope you all enjoyed it. Good luck to the Thunder Road guys next weekend!

Law Dawg


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  1. Colonel Mustard

    @Law Dog- workout innovation at its finest. T-claps for putting that one together. It sure was nice and cozy inside that deck, maybe we should stay in there the rest of the winter… just a thought.

    Team 321 (Chowder, Law Dog, and Me) – We were not the fastest but we got our reps in for sure!

    Welcome to @MattressKing on his first post at #ElDorado. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get easier.

  2. The Nanny

    @LawDawg Great format today. I can’t remember an El Dorado that went by faster than that one. When time got called I was so surprised. Any time you can make the pain go by quickly…winner.

    @MattressKing @Kato Not sure why you guys were in groups 2 and 3 b/c you seemed pretty fast to me. It almost wasn’t fair to the other teams. I assume that is why Chowder suggested we were cheating. It just felt that way b/c we were so far ahead. I mounted the Virtual Trophy on my hood – which one of you wants it tomorrow?

  3. Kato

    @LawDawg: I’ll admit the workout looked confusing to me when I read it last night but it made perfect sense once we got into it. Great workout..Non-stop but never boring in the three-man format.

    @Mattress King: Welcome to Eldorado! You caught it on a “running-heavy day”; which I’ll take any day over the reverse partner wheel barrows up the stairway that Frodo inflicted us with the other week. You never know what you’ll get at El Dorado but it will always suck.

    Good like to everyone running this weekend!

  4. Skipper

    Enjoyed it @LawDawg! Thanks to @Cupid and @BOS for teaming with me and to @Chavez for keeping us company. It’s funny because in COT it sounded like @Cupid said he was a #Respect?! #stud

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