Return of the Weightgloom

17 pax showed up for a prop heavy pax favorite where Nanny brings the weight room to the gloom.  Now do you get it?

The Thang:

On “start” partner 1 begins activity while partner 2 sprints across the bus lot where the entire partner 2 group does abs in cadence as a group in pax choice format.  The ab group is the timer.  When partner 2 returns, partner 1 sprints to abs.  When both partners have done the station, the entire group slides down one station to their left.  The pair at the last station comes back to the first station.  A well oiled pain machine with stations that looked a bit like this:

  1. Squat plate press (plate 35)

  2. DB curls (DB 30) – 5 right, 5 left repeat.

  3. Carolina Dry Docks

  4. Shrugs (plate 45)

  5. DB clean & press (DB 30 alternate right then left)

  6. Standing lunge plate press (plate 35)

  7. Skull crushers (plate 25)

  8. Standing plate press (plate 45)

  9. Calf Raises (plate 25)

  10. KB swing (KB35)

  11. DB shoulder raises (5 side, 5 front) (2 x 12 lb)

  12. Apollo Ono

  13. Al Gore

  14. Spiderman merkins

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. It was interesting when I walked up to a FNG to introduce myself and he said he was “a writer.” Me: “That’s an odd nickname.”  Him: “No…I mean I am a writer.  I am not here to work out.”  A number of us tried to put him in an EH but time ran out and we were off.   Not sure what he was writing about but I am guessing the title goes something like this: “stupid things guys do early in the morning.”
  2. Lots of cross group heckling this morning.  Mainly Chowder (partner 2 group) yelling at the partner 1 group to decide on an ab exercise and get to it.
  3. Not sure what some of our newer guys thought, but I think the pax choice ab work is a great way to get some Q experience calling cadence.  Guess we could have steered Iguana away from trying to do Homer to Marge having never seen it before….
  4. Thanks to the pax for carrying back my 11 fairly heavy props after COT.  Alcatraz wouldn’t let me carry the 45 plate – thanks brother.

8 thoughts on “Return of the Weightgloom

  1. Dropcloth

    One of the first beatdowns I remember doing last summer and still one of my favorites – glad you brought it back out.

    @Chowder you were a regular comedian today calling out group #1. The Arnold impersonations were spot on I just wish you wouldn’t do them when I had the 45lb plate over my head.

    @Clump – thanks for partnering up today and pushing it during the workout!

    @Nanny – glad to help you carry the props back to the car – next time I’m going to carryback the spiderman merican prop.

    Can’t wait to read what this writer (Matt Crossman) comes out with especially with @Gump and @Chowder in the PAX to liven things up. He said he had several pages worth of notes – probably a lot BS calls noted or @Gump hitting on the school teacher who ventured through the AO this morning.

  2. Pharaoh

    @Dropcloth – Disappointed Crossman wasn’t forced to actually experience the beatdown prior to writing about it. We will have to EH him at church!

    1. Gump

      I worked on him at lunch on Tuesday with @MiniMe and then again this AM… not to mention @DropCloth calling him out. I sure hope he decided to partake. #Refusenik

    1. Chowder

      Really @Skip? You calling @Nanny out on his guns is like me clowning #GerryCooney about his nose. Plus there’s photographic proof available that he needs to go to the vet… cause his pythons are sick.

      @Nanny – good stuff today, brother. Liked the variety after demolishing the tris/shoulders early in the week. Agreed that its a great way to get everyone a wee taste of the Q. Unfortunately, I didn’t model good Q behavior #DoAsIDoNotAsISay

      Sorry about breaking you up on those presses, @DropCloth, but next time use the double-grip approach… wielding that plate over your head single-handed is precarious.

      Good to have @RedRyder back out in the gloom. Keep at it brother.

      We need more kicks for #SoleRedemption… @Snare and YHC need more burpees. T-claps to @Grinder for jumping in on the second set and to @Gump for giving the shoes off his feet.

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