Simple distance…

13 men from MECA took the red pill and posted to the Highlands Cruise. Enjoying the balmy 62 degree weather with a slight breeze, it went a little something like this:

201 Central loop. Out from HCES, through the Golf Course around the outside of Highland Creek and back over to Ridge Rd and down Highland Creek Pkwy to HCES. I guess some think of this going the “back way” around the loop, but I wanted to give the high mileage guys the chance to add Fairvista near the end. Most of the group took advantage of that, but even those of us that didn’t put in a solid 4.75 miles. I’m guessing the guys that added Fairvista got to 5.75 or so. That route avoids the worst of the hills, but that is covering some ground in 45 minutes.

Good luck and continued good health to all the Pax prepping for Thunder Road.


2 thoughts on “Simple distance…

  1. LawDawg Post author

    @Dropcloth, thanks for the conversation and for pulling me along.

    @Search N Rescue, I’m sorry I couldn’t convince you to keep going with us. I’m sure you still got 3-4 miles in, depending upon your route back. Keep posting, this a.m. was a crazy fast group most of whom are training for 1/2 or full marathon in a couple weeks. There is usually a little more variety in pace!

  2. The Nanny

    @LawDawg Agree! It was a tad quick this morning and we covered more distance than usual. I know of distances ranging from 4.75 up to 9.5, 10.6, and 20?!? Thanks for signing up to lead this morning. The 201 loop is always a solid choice, even if you did it backwards 🙂

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