Friday Flex

10 men wandered into the gloom this morning to flex their muscles for a B.O.M.B. workout that went like this…


Mosey around church
SSH x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15
Squats x 15

4 Corners
15 reps in each corner
Corner 1 – Sumo Squats
Corner 2 – Benchpress
Corner 3 – Lawnmower Pulls
Corner 4 – Clean and Press
(Rack between 2 sides and lunges on other sides)

Mosey to Outback
1-6 Ladder
Squat Press / Pull-Ups

Mosey back to lot
KB Merkins x 10 (each side)
Sumo Squats x 15
Clean and Press x 10 (each arm)
Lawnmower Pulls x 15 (each arm)
BenchPress x 15

LBCs x 15
Squirm x 15
Raptor Medley

@pax- always a pleasure to lead guys. Hope y’all have a great Friday.
@raptor- thanks for leading the medley. Its becoming a stalwart at the workouts.
@closer- thanks for reminding me of kb merkins. I almost forgot.
@pongo- the rosalita is always for you…
@gentgrizzly- hope your foot starts feeling better man.
@dutch- good to see your getting your wardrobe straightened out.