Highlands Figure 8

The shovel flag was planted and 20 Men of Highlands ran off into the gloom for a figure 8 ladder beatdown. Here’s how the story went…


Mosey to upper MS lot

Stoli Skipping along way

50% Bobby Hurley’s x 10OYO

IST x 10IC

Merkins x 10IC

Jumping Lunges x 10OYO

The Thang

Mosey to eastside hill

10 – 1 Ladder

100% Bobby Hurley’s at the top

Merkins at the bottom

Walk to middle lot

Partner Up

Helping Hands x 40 (10 per arm per pax)

Partner Push

halfway point flapjack

Start Figure 8 in MS lot

Run figure 8 through the east PL

At each corner perform exercise:

Round 1 East Side – LBC x 10

Round 1 West Side – CDD x 10

Round 2 East Side – Merkins x 20

Round 2 West Side – Air Squats x 20

Mosey to west side of MS

10 – 1 Ladder

Donkey Kicks to Jumping Lunges

Mosey to ES grass field

Bear Crawl 15yds, sprint to the light pole on right

Mosey to ES middle lot for Mary


LBC x 15IC

Peter Parker x 15IC

Mason Twist x 10IC

Naked Moleskin

– Great group out there this morning, always a pleasure

– I take a couple weeks off and lots of new faces appear, EH’ing is strong in Highlands

– Too bad I missed Tuesday, heard it was a leg burner; I’m glad I could add to your agony with Bobby Hurley’s, Jumping Lunges and Donkey Kicks…We’ll do it again sometime

1 thought on “Highlands Figure 8

  1. Colonel Mustard

    @Gulfstream – Great Q, a little bit of everything was thrown at us this morning. Yes in deed the quads were burning with the Bobby Hurley’s and Donkey Kick/Jump Lunge combo.

    T-Claps to the FNG’s that continue to come out and stick with it!

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