Grover’s Epic Suicide Beatdown

Ten PAX ignored the forewarning in the Preblast and took on the challenge of speed training with Grover…


  • Lap around ASEC
  • SSH x 25
  • Mt. climbers x 25
  • Merkens x 15 (in cadence)


  • Lower lot suicide (halfway down and back, all the way down and back)
  • Star jump squats x 10, Merkens x 10, Mt. climbers x 10
  • REPEATO dropping the the reps to 9, then 8, then descending all the down to 1
  • REPEATO adding reps to 2, then 3, then all the way up to 8 (at which point we ran out of time)


  • LBCs x 20
  • Brazilians x 20
  • Aerial mindbender (Boo Boo even saw a shooting star)


Extremely painful but rewarding WOD this morning.  Based on Cujo’s pedometer, each suicide was over 600 feet of sprinting, which measured out to 2.2 miles for the day.  Not much chatter this morning between sprints, and by “not much” I mean zilch.  Just a bunch of dudes doubled over and gasping for breath.

Awesome workout, PAX.  Thanks for letting me be your Q!




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