Flower Power

10 brave Stoners and 1 wandering Q met in the frosty gloom at the Rolling Stone AO.  Would we hear a song from the Stones today…or would another artist entertain us?  Stay tuned!

The Thang:

Flower Power

High knees
Butt kickers
Stoli Skips
Pox deep lunges

Mosey to Fence
SSH x 15 IC
IST x 15 IC
At Fence
10 Merkins
7 Derkins low rail
5 Derkins High rail
7 Derkins low rail
10 Merkins
Line up across the field
SSH x30 IC
bear crawl across field
SSH x30 IC
Burpee Broad Jump across the field
Air squats x20 IC
Wheel barrow across field
Air squats x20 IC
Wheel barrow across field
LBC x20 IC
Lunges across the field
LBC x20 IC
Backwards sprint across the field
Scissor kicks x10 IC
Sprint across the field
Scissor kicks x10 IC
Partner Push across the field
Partner Push across the field
Apollo Ohno x15 IC

Indian Run to upper parking lot
Mason Twist x20
Low Flutter x20
Crunchy Frog x15
Sally up – Sally Down Plank 3:25
to the song “Flower” by Moby


4 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Pharaoh Post author

    @Stoners – great work today and you guys didn’t even seem to mind LBCs, Bear Crawls and Scissor kicks on the frosty field!
    @Mattress King – way to shine today. Virtual Trophy for the Sally up – Sally down plankfest!
    Congrats to the newly named FNGs and Shane come on back and get your new handle.

  2. Kato

    @Pharoah: It’s a special breed of F3’r that gives of himself by traveling amongst the AOs in his region to Q. Thank you. I really enjoy your workouts and hope to see you out at Rolling Stone often. I’m beginning to warm up to your split rail merkin ladder…tough stuff but good medicine.

    @PAX: Sorry to bail early. We have a family tradition of celebrating birthdays with cake and ice cream first thing in the morning. Had to leave early for the second birthday this month: My eldest son’s 13th.

    Hope to see you guys out at the Murph on Monday @ Highland Creek Sports Club. It’s a great monthly workout and serves as a measuring stick of progress. Regardless of where you feel you’re at from a fitness perspective…come on out. It’s also a great opportunity to meet others in the area.

    @EggPlant: Man….I hope the “pop” in your leg during the sprint turns out to be nothing. Ice and rest, Ice and rest.

    @Shane: Welcome to F3! Hope to see you back out next week.

  3. LawDawg

    @Pharaoh, nothing about rolling around in the cold, wet, grass…great workout though.

    @EggPlant, I hope you’re all right…

    @Shane, @Strechty, and @Meltdown…nice work gents.. Keep coming out, it’s great having you guys.

    @Waterboy, thanks for running as the ShoeQ.

    Come on out to the Murph on Monday. Highland Creek Sports Club….

  4. WaterBoy

    @eggplant I hope you are ok

    Welcome stretchy and meltdown!

    Always great to see pharoh. Respect.

    @rolling stone Don’t forget to bringe your shoes!

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