Lumber Yard Grinder

26 men gathered around Old Glory to see what YHC had in store post ElDorado… Some wondered why Bunny’s(Highlands) truck was in the parking lot but no Bunny, did Col. Mustard borrow Bunny’s truck because his car is in the shop, does Col. Mustard have some props in there or maybe everyone was just confused because Gump was standing there in the flesh (Good to see you brother). Let’s see what happened….

#Disclaimer was read while Gump mumbled something

Run out to Parkway where we found Chowder completing his time trail, down Shelly into the back of the HCES.

Circle Up for SSH x25 – Wait for it… Gump BS call at about 20

Get into teams of 3 not 3 groups #poorinstructions. Grab a 4×4 or 6×6 when you have your group.

Lumber Yard Grinder:

Side A:
100 Harpees (Half Burpees)
300 Merkins
500 Mountain Climbers

Side B:
200 Jump Squats
400 Sumo Squats
600 LBC

P1 & P2 line up on Side A and P3 lines up on Side B. There is about ~75 yards in between Side A and Side B. P1 and P2 will begin there exercises while P3 runs from Side A to Side B with a log extended over his head. Once we reaches Side B he will relieve P2 and pick up the number of exercises he completed (for example, if P2 completed 11 Jump Squats then P3 would start with 12, 13, 14, etc.). The cycle continues with P2 now going to relieve P1.

Rinse and Repeat until 6:10.

Run to Parking Lot


Low Flutter x25
Low Dolly x25
Mason Twist x19 for Chowder

Naked Moleskin:

1. I tried a mini version of this on Saturday at Early Edition as there was only 3 of us. Worked well so I thought it was ready for production. T-claps to everyone for pushing through.
2. This is a great workout because it is all on you, you can push or your can slack off. The only problem with slacking off is that your partner might call you out on it.
3. T-Claps to our 4 FNGS with 2 of them receiving names today, Grinder & Iguana (not sure Gump approved). Keith and Nathen will get theirs on Thursday right?
4. Awesome numbers this morning, great to see all of the men getting out of bed to exercise and join in fellowship.
5. See you boys tomorrow at the Cruise or Thursday for bootcamp.

8 thoughts on “Lumber Yard Grinder

    1. Colonel Mustard Post author

      Thanks for joining us brother! Great to see men in MECA traveling to different AO’s.

  1. Chowder

    @Colonel – you’re a cruel man for doing that post-El D… Thank you! T-claps on a great beatdown… tough work in the sheer volume, keeps the HR up with the run in between and the team element helps you maintain the push. Great job by my teammates @Derby and @Bling. And thanks @Colonel for repping #19 in Mary, brother. Means a lot – thank you! Two of the missing PAX are @Avalanche and @Mr_Poppers.

    1. Colonel Mustard Post author

      No thank you brother for your dedication to F3 and the strength to carry on! It is guys like you that have opened by eyes and changed my perspective.

  2. Shazam

    Thanks @Colonel… these types of workouts might be my favorite. Total grind, but the teamwork, and effort seen across the pax keeps you moving. T-claps on the idea and execution. Great to see solid numbers in Highlands with the great fall weather. Not sure why @Bootstrap had on his #Rocky cutoff hoodie, but I saw he lost it halfway through.

    1. Colonel Mustard Post author

      @Shazam – thanks for joining brother. Great to see you in the gloom in the middle of your training.

  3. Gump

    All and all a very suckfull workout but hay that is why we show up. TClaps on the instructions you could have mess that up but did a great job.

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